2008-02-08 14:52
Think of a cross between India Arie, Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Macy Gray and Corrine Bailey Rae with a dash of Bob Marley in the mix. So you’re guaranteed a dose of soulful rhythms and wholesome lyrics. Her simple, almost raspy voice pierces you with its haunting echo. Never mind what Lionel Ritchie said about being “Easy like a Sunday Morning”. This is easy listening on a blue Monday morning – in fact any morning for that matter. Especially when you’re late for work and stuck in heavy traffic or any moment you just need an authentic and spirited sing-along to lift you up.

"Jailer" is a potent goose bump inducing track on modern slavery that will just untie you. The sizzling "Fire on the Mountain" is another memorable track with its catchy folksy chorus. This Nigerian sister is raising the bar and world, you better recognize.

What other critics had to say :
“A Franco-Nigerian Corinne Bailey Rae… a melodic coming together of Marvin, Marley, Fela and Erykah Badu influences, albeit fronted by her acoustic guitar and a willingness to write cliché-free lyrics.” - Chris Wells – Echoes

“Asa protests against war, diamond mining and incest in a simple and effectively produced debut. Her melodic and beautiful voice draws you in to a dark world.” - Janice Long – BBC Radio 2

-Gugulethu Mkhabela
At first glance and first hum, you’d think neo-soul musician, India Arie. But no way! This is Asa (pronounced Asha). And just like India said in her hit “Video”, Asa’s not your average booty girl either.

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michael ogedengbe 2008/06/11 5:35 PM
fresh based on the 3 tracks i listened to,i'd say she is crisp,fresh and not afraid to play with lyrics regardless of the language and audience. GREAT RYTHM FOR 1 A 1ST ALBUM
Homebrew 2008/06/17 1:08 PM
ASA - Jailer WOW ! This is one talented lady with a style of her own! I LOVE JAILER, the tune is catchy, lyrics are soulful and meaningful, her guitar work is inspirational, reminds me of the 60's and 70's FABULOUS LETS MAKE HER FAMOUS EVERYONE SHOULD BUY 2 CD'S , KEEP ONE AND GIVE ONE TO A LOVED ONE.
Ronke 2008/07/03 8:55 AM
Totally Hot!!! Asha is totally hot!!!...i love her music so much. I listen to her everyday while at work
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