Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong

2007-04-23 11:50
Listening to Headstrong is like watching a teen flick. It has the potential to be so much more than a waste of time, and the longer you watch it the more you wish and wait for that moment of sheer brilliance where it becomes tolerable. But when the credits roll you feel, dissatisfied, frustrated and, frankly, a little violated.

The archetypal assortment of producers only strengthens the perception that Tisdale simply isn't moving with the trends of the 21st century. JR Rotem has produced the lesser known works of Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Mya and Paris Hilton, while Shelley Peiken and Guy Roche worked with Christina Aguilera pre-Dirrty. The more famous Kara DioGuardi, who has written and produced mainly for the ladies of pop such as Spears, Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia and Anastacia, rounds up the production team.

Headstrong kicks off sounding like a monster dance album, but all the "Intro" really is, is a 'megamix' of subsequent tracks. So, basically, 45 minutes of dance pop, UK pop, catchy syncopated rhythms, exotic harmonies, adolescent ballads, hip hop melodies and pseudo rap choruses can be summed up in a 1-minute medley. Sad isn't it?

"Positivity" is positively horrendous, with synthesised sounds that might as well have been composed by a toddler punching random buttons on a Nokia 3210. Although Tisdale's version of Diane Warren's "Love Me for Me" (also covered by SA girl group Jamali) is a pretty decent rendition, the cathartic love ballad sounds too nasal.

Admittedly, the only two tracks – out of 14 – worth a listen are "We'll Be Together" and "Suddenly". Unfortunately you have to sift through the entire album to get to these unpolished gems – a good thing then that music players of this century have a "forward skip" function. Tisdale might be the princess of the Disney Channel (after starring in the annoyingly successful film High School Musical and TV series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) but she sure won't be the next teen queen of pop.

- Megan Kakora
Something should be done about record companies who still make pop the way it used to be made. They're sinking the careers of upcoming young artists.

Tayla 2007/04/21 1:59 PM
Whatever! I am a 13yr old girl & i love her cd i think you should just leave her alone! she is new to the whole music thing! GIVE HER SOME SLACK!
kate 2007/04/21 3:31 PM
Something is wrong with you, not her! GIve her some slack, I love Ashley Tisdale! Lets try see you create an album at her age!
sanam 2007/04/21 4:01 PM
i totally agree this cd along with all the teen pop trash doesnt deserve a space in a cd shop! i am a teenager myself and choose not to waste my time and damage my ears by listening to mediocre beats and sugar coated lyrics. britney was barely tolerable, and now this?!?!
Belime 2007/04/21 4:10 PM
Ashley? Tisk Tisk She rushed this album and all the songs sound the same. It sounds like a nursery school songs. Whoever singed her up must be living in the past. Only baby kids like her cause she produced baby kid music. She is not talented and kids only like her cause she was on high school musical.
belime 2007/04/21 4:21 PM
me again this is my email all you tisdale haters. she should s tick with acting in disney
K.A.G 2007/04/21 5:03 PM
Cmon I think she is a pretty young girl who has potential. The only reason y parents dont like her is because she does not appeal to them.Cmon parents she attract the eyes of your young daughters so let it be.This is coming from a 16 year old loving the hip hop scean...
Natalie 2007/04/21 6:21 PM
Who knows? Maybe? Who nows what she is capable of? One day she might surprise us all and become a hit,but for now she has a longway to go!
Natalie 2007/04/21 6:23 PM
Who knows? Maybe Who knows what she is capable of? One day she might come and surprise us all, but for now she still has a lot to work for!
QADIRAH 2007/04/21 8:46 PM
U CAN DO WAY BETTER Ashley can act nicely but singing ain't her thing. She's still young maybe practising ALOT would help! Hey I'm a fan but listening to that CD was a BIG let down.
Kaz 2007/04/21 8:56 PM
Someone agrees with me!!! My word! She has the most ANNOYING voice I have heard in my life! And it doesn't help that my 13-year-old brother is absolutely OBSESSED with the woman! She's an ok-ish actress and all, but the minute she opens her mouth to make music, my skin crawls... She should stick to Disney Channel acting...
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