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2006-03-29 18:22

After a string of major hit albums including The Antidote (1992) and Quiet Revolution (1993) he faded from the mainstream spotlight. Following on two acclaimed straight-edged funk outings for Blue Note, his debut release on N-Coded returns to the sophisticated contemporary breeze of post-Benson jazz guitar grooves.

As the languid title track and the meandering "Heaven" show, it's a thoroughly laid back affair with Jordan comfortably basking in his cocktails at sunset glow. Tempering any ostentatious "check out my chops" flourishes and with the hip-hop flavoured street smarts a mere echo ("Island Paradise"), Jordan focuses on nurturing a mellifluous set steeped in summery good time grooves. Simmering solos and layered acoustic guitar textures ("Rendezvous") are interwoven with evocative horns and warm keyboard rhythms ("(In) The Limelight") with the soulful croon of Crystal Lake soaring on the lush duet "You Might Need Somebody".

While smooth jazz aficionados might miss the hip R&B sheen, the old school guitar shades of virtuosos such as Wes Montgomery and Grant Green breathe fresh life into the warm post-Benson soul fusion. Ronny's cool and he knows it. Jazz as gratifying as this guarantees rewarding listening.

Back in the 90s smooth jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan created a major splash, blending sophisticated George Benson-esque grooves with the infectious street flavoured sounds of the burgeoning acid jazz scene.

goda 2003/10/03 3:36 PM
smooooooooth But I'm not sure about any artist who spells night "nite". It really wears me out. Twang twang twang. I could enjoy dancing to this but musically too irritating to be relaxing. herbert - Around the house
PETER 2003/10/10 10:55 AM
cool fusion at last i agree "...smooth jazz aficionados might miss the hip R&B sheen..."
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