Autechre - Quaristice

2008-08-21 17:35
9th album, Quaristice proves to be no exception to this rule – the deep, warm chords of opener "Altibzz" swiffly making way for the staccato cut ups of "plyPhon" and the techy glitch hop of "Perlence". From "Simmm" onwards though, the rest of the album consolidates itself into a fluid and coherent piece of music, its strength being the seamless continuity between tracks that lends a completeness to the listening experience.

If it's structure and orderly, instantly accessible beats you're after - look elsewhere, as these pioneers of classic Warp-style electronica push the concept of self-generating, barely repetitive rhythms further than they have since their seminal mid-90s Flutter.

Fans of quality local electronic acts such as The Real Estate Agents will find plenty of appeal in this excellent album, my personal highlight being the robotic funk meltdown of "fwzE".

- Rob White

Always a thing of both great beauty and head scratching puzzlement, a new Autechre album is never an 'easy listen' - it demands extensive listening, but with that comes the reward of hearing one of the truly great electronic outfits at work.

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