Avril Lavigne - The best damn thing

2007-05-14 10:27
In the case of Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing, well… no. The cover is an accurate representation of what’s to come once the disc is popped into your CD player.

The heavy black eyeliner is still there and her hair is still straight and mostly blonde, but the black streaks are now candy pink, and the black military-like attire worn on the cover of the previous album has been swapped for a black and white polka dot shirt. The angst skater chic has morphed into a princess, resulting in a considerably sugary sweet album.

Tracks can be classed into three categories: sass, anger and vulnerability; emotions all teenagers are familiar with and sometimes experience collectively. Avril shows that there is no need to make things complicated, having used the same formula on Under My Skin and her debut Let Go. If it ain’t broke why fix it, eh? Avril squeezes that teenage pimple right on the head, but at the age of 23 she shouldn’t attempt another teen punk album.

The tracks aren’t lyrically strong, but then few songs these days are. Avril touches on subjects close to 16-year-old girls hearts, from hating your ex-boyfriend to how having your phone out of range – these things make you want to scream and runaway. Actually, probably the type of stuff most young and young-at-heart can, like, totally relate too.

The catchy first single “Girlfriend” is also the first track. Honestly, who hasn’t felt like kicking inhibitions out the door and screaming “Hey you, I want to be your girlfriend!” and “I don’t like your girlfriend, you need a new one”? Again, a girl can totally relate.

If you take the album for what it is - fun, airy and unpretentious - then it’s surprisingly enjoyable and dare-I-say addictive. Lavigne obviously doesn’t take herself seriously anymore; so don’t be surprised if she is smiling on her next CD cover.

- Ashlin Simpson
We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but does the same principle apply to CD covers?

Lauren 2007/05/12 10:16 PM
She's still cool I recently met Avril twice and saw 2 of her live performances in London on her promo tour, and let me tell you, she is so awesomw and so cool. she treated me like her friend. she is in a happier place in her life now and is therefore writing happier songs, so what? if you want to listen to sad music, then listen to her old albums. her performances were awesome and she dances a little on stage now - but not eeeuw type of dancing, but funny cool dancing. so i like her for who she is and i support her with the new album...
LuKE gR@Y 2007/05/14 8:06 PM
Bubblegum pop goes the Avril what a load of cr@p, good luck moms n dads n queers alike
Nicole 2007/05/18 9:27 PM
Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing I recently bought AvriL Lavigne's new CD and it really is the best damn thing! Anyway, its the name of her one song, so she isn't bragging. She is cool ! I give it a 5 out of 5.
chanelly 2007/05/19 5:18 PM
bubblegum barely minutes before her first LP dropped she was the candy girl next door. On her first two albums she was "discovering" herself, and her newest LP proves that she's still the princess she was before fame. so prepare for more poppy songs
Kaz 2007/05/20 12:33 PM
What Happened? Seriously... what happened? I mean, the message she used to put out was: "Be who you want to be and not who they want you to be." and now she's just become another one of those manufactured blondes like Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton. Come on Avril, what happened?
remona 2007/05/20 6:59 PM
THE BEST DAMN THING I must say, this album is her best damn one yet... i love iT**
anonomys 2007/05/22 3:11 PM
avril.....is that you? wat the [obscenity deleted]!!!there is sum gud music on this album but she used to be my rolemodle but now shez turnad in2 one of dem!!! iwant my role modle back
jezebel 2007/05/23 12:36 PM
what did you expect? just for the record, avril's look and feel were primped and primed before she ever sang a note. she filled the boots, that's all. and remarkably well. it's pop biz marketting, and it won't stop, so prepare for the full spectrum streaking through her hair if her career escapes sex, drugs and eating disorders... and btw, most musicians with teen fan bases are much older than them, so why get heavy on her for being a 23 year old bopstar? why not point fingers at the institutions that manufacture these hegemonic ideals in the first place?
Izandri 2007/05/23 1:46 PM
give the girl a break! Excelen CD! Who needs to listen to mopy songs everytime?? A bit of uplifting sing along music is just what we all need once in a while.. And just for the record - if Avril is happy why shouldn't her happiness be portrayed in her songs??!
aicurumba 2008/10/30 10:10 AM
ai-curumba avril was always fake in the first place - just a cookie-cutter popstar without anything meaningful to say, and who rides off the talents and hard work of others. she needs to get a life and have some real drama happen to her if she ever wishes to seriously plumb the depths of human emotion.. honestly, give me britney spears any day and i'll suck it up
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