Ayo - Joyful

2007-09-26 10:03
I'll leave it to you to Wiki her. Lyrically this is no modern miss. She channels smoky rooms and blues. And while Ayo may mean "Joyful" in Yoruba, the flavour of the album is more "sour grapes and tears". If you're in the mood for melancholy in a traditional "Down on my Knees" kinda way then it'll strike the right chord. But what makes this album engaging is that it swishes like soft chiffon between tales of love, loss and hope and reggae and romany beats - keeping things just the right side of interesting.

Is it the aching honesty expressed in tracks like "Without You" and "Letter by Letter" or the haunting strains of the accordion that made this album go platinum in Poland? Who knows? Maybe it's the hope expressed in "Help is coming". One thing's for sure when life handed Ayo lemons she made music - have a taste.

- Soraya Abdulatief

You're thinking Neo-Soul? Not quite. Erykah hits harder and Sade's more hauntingly personal but Ayo's still charming. Who? Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin aka Ayo. She's as interesting as she looks too.

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