B3 - Three too many - The worst boy band... ever?

2006-03-29 18:22

The most impressive thing about this Berlin trio (B3 geddit?) is the fact that the boys all boast triple barrelled names. John Steven Sutherland, Blair Madison Lake and Timothy Andrew Cruz sure look the part - cleaner than clean cut, lightly lip-glossed and yes, of course they sound oh-so-goddamn bland.

Naturally they sing a bucket load of upbeat dance-friendly R&B cuts blended in with schmaltz fuelled ballads about post-adolescent love and loss about - yes, you guessed it, being hip 'n happening movers 'n shakers or alternately, merely misunderstood lovers. "N.Y.B3" and "...In My Bed" both try their best to be Justin Timberlake updating Michael Jackson circa Off the Wall, stuttering through "funky town" style disco-flavoured R&B party jams, full of overblown falsetto wails. While "We Got the Power" and "Right Place, Right Time" are suitably snappy, if mutant takes on Backstreet Boys' "Larger than Life".

Of course, it's no surprise then that the get your groove on slow jams, "Go Away", "Tonight and Forever" and "Was it Ever You" all tug the heartstrings with an unmistakable 'Nsync vocal ache. Best boy band tribute of all though, has to be the effervescent reading of the Bee Gees penned "I.O.I.O" which becomes a completely throwaway karaoke anthem. Curiously, the only boy band ghost not to hover over proceedings is Boyzone. What's the matter, Ronan not cool enough, dudes?

With the boy band phenomena having long since imploded as a commercially valuable entity it's left to the Germans to try and reconstruct the splintered pop puppet blueprint.

Garthuel 2003/10/09 10:47 AM
R&B has evolved It seems there is an evolution in music at the moment.
Garthuel 2003/10/09 10:47 AM
Oops Clicked the submit too soon. What I meant was.....
Garthuel 2003/10/09 10:48 AM
R&B again R&b is changing....with the a fusion of other sounds and is evolving into somethign greater and bigger than all the small parts combined....
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