Backstreet Boys - Never Gone

2006-03-30 01:08

This album is dedicated to their fans, with pictures of some of their fans (all girls apparently!) in a circular collage. Then the album sleeve folds out to show another picture of them taken underwater wearing their dress suits (wet), and then all five of them get to write a garbled paragraph about how excited they are about finishing the album (Kevin, who even says "sh*t" with a star - Gasp!) And about God's involvement in their profitable pop music careers (the other four).

It's sweet, like saccharine.

Sweetness is all very well. But looking at the thoughtful autumn colours of the cover, you get the feeling they're trying to be - wait for it - taken seriously! Which at first isn't too horrifying at all. Please note the emphasis on the words "at first".

The mournful "Incomplete," is a strong opening song. Sure, it sounds like they're copying Coldplay, but Coldplay copied other people too, so Coldplay are fair game.

For the rest? Never Gone is bland. It's louder and rockier than before, but dull nevertheless. The songs are fairly well structured and very well produced, and they all sing well and in tune. But it's unlikely one song stands out enough, or one cliched lyric moves you enough, that real rock fans will want to hear it again after two listens.

In their attempt not to be a silly boy band and instead sound like a real grown up rock band, Backstreet Boys come across like they're trying to grow up, and failing to do it in an interesting way, which is what normal, ordinary boys do. So it's likely their fans, who can't all be all that young or interesting anymore either, will love Never Gone for old time's sake. Anyone else will merely flinch as they pass the Top 40 rack at their local music store.

- Jean Barker


Never Gone has not offered anyone a reason to like boy bands, and the Backstreet Boys seem content to fade into top forty hell with so many others.
- Maura McAndrew for Pop Matters

The album is filled with feel good tunes and although the boys are still touching on topics of break up, love and disappointments, they have vocally grown. And there is no trace of the teenybopper sounding tunes they featured before.

Two years after making their name in the USA with a blend of pop, soul and old fashioned smoochy love songs, the Backstreet Boys finally cracked their native UK market and had a long series of radio hits. Now, after an extended break to start families, and do solo and charity work, they return, with a new album aptly named Never Gone.

Sarisha 2005/08/12 3:24 PM
Never gone - A truly remarkable album from a mature "boy-band" I believe that this album has taken the Backstreet Boys to another level. Their sound is unique and fits in quite aptly with today's type of music; it therefore extends to a wider audience "and not only to the teenage-girl era". The Boys' maturity is certainly evident in their music in this album. Backstreet Boys - "Never Gone"
Nathan 2005/08/15 9:06 AM
Never Gone - Good enough comeback Not the best that I've heard this year but by far the best BSB album. Never gone is edgy and grownup and very AC radio friendly. Incomplete is one of the best songs on radio at the moment which is usually littered with bland hiphop r&b drivel. The only downside is that there are too many ballads but other than that its satisfies. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
Waz 2005/08/15 9:12 AM
Never Gone - The Backstreet Boys How can one take "Boys" seriously? Pop or bubblegum music has a shelf life and its flavour only lasts a short while. Maybe individually they can offer something different I think their sell by date is long over due
Aneska 2005/08/15 2:22 PM
Backstreet Boys are definitely back! I think that this is one of the BSB's biggest albums as they are more mature now and actually know what they are singing about. An album definitely worth getting but I wont bet on my boyfriend getting it for himself:) Well, maybe if it was for his girl, but other than that...:) Kelly Clarkson
Anria Swanepeol 2005/08/15 4:03 PM
Never Gone I think that mamby they tride to hard but there are one or two, okay, three songs that is not to Bad!! Kelly Clarkson
Annelie Taylor 2005/08/15 5:03 PM
Never Gone - The Backstreet Boys I love this album. They've always had great hits on their previous albums and this one is no different. Yes, the style has changed slightly, but honestly, who wants yet another album that sounds the same? Times change, so why should music be any different? I'd recommend Rob Thomas
gerard 2005/08/15 10:18 PM
Better than Idols They are far better than the trash you see on SA Idols. They are professional, Heiz Winkler will never mach up to them and nor will will any Quaito bands. Sylver - Nighttime Calls
Lilly 2005/08/16 3:31 PM
Gerard, there's more to music than IDOLs There's more to pop than Idols too. I bet you've only heard about three kwaito bands in your life. Ok, maybe 4, and that all of them you heard on radio. There's more to music than the top 40, you know... or perhaps you don't know. A Kwaito Collection called Yizo Yizo Soundtrack 2003
JP 2005/08/22 1:54 PM
Aasima 2006/12/23 5:51 PM
Backstreet Boys - Never Gone First things first, Jean Barker, Backstreet Boys are not a NATIVE UK band, but are in fact AMERICAN. Get your facts straight! As far as the album is concerned they never claimed to be a rock band although they have used live instruments on this album. They are a pure pop band and that is exactly what they deliver on this album! SO don't judge it for what its not! ...AND how could you even compare Incomplete to Coldplay's music it is not even in the same genre.
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