Basement Jaxx – Scars

2009-11-24 16:21
Take the longing tension of "My Turn" and it's opening line "When will this all start/When did I fall apart/is it my turn?". It's not so much a song to fall in love to as a song of hopeless summer infatuation and crumbling romance. Dance it off, dude, dance it off! Nothing is forever, as the mocking, audibly ambiguous closing imply. Is he crying or....

Be warned, BJ is the kind of music that causes innocent office workers to bounce up and down in their swivel chairs and grin while working out budgets. So use with caution, or you might suddenly find yourself promoted to head of the Spreadsheets Department.

It's been years since "Oh My Gosh" made people go "What?" before flinging themselves laughing onto the dancefloor. It's been years, and yet they're still rocking the party – proof that despite what grumpy old men with large vinyl collections may say, not all radio friendly dance pop music is disposable nonsense.

Or as easily defined as all that. Like all really great musicians (and specially great musicians you can dance to), Basement Jaxx are as comfortable with a saloon-bar waltz like "A Possibility" as they are the underwater metallic flash of rapped floor-fillers like "Twerk". They understand that pop music is about songs, and dance, and feelings. They're not techno-geeks, but artists with something to say. So of course we’re still listening.

Stars is more than just energy, more than just pop fluff, and more interesting than a bunch of catchy tracks. The Basement Jaxx's deceptively tinsel surface decorates music that's got beats, melodies and lyrics that you can dance to. They know nothing makes for a better party than a bit of pain and suffering set to infectious, confident rhythms like the ones they seem to effortlessly spawn.

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