Bed On Bricks - Royal Honey

2008-08-22 17:24
"Starzan" and "Keeper of My Faith" show that you still can't put these guys in any genre box. Just when you think you can sing along without knowing any of the words, a guitar riff or percussion beat pops up out of nowhere. The more that you listen to this disjointedness, the more it works and grows on you.

The refreshing thing about BOB is that they are not formulaic in their creative process at all. The music comes from four guys who bring a wealth of influences and richness to the table.
Title track, "Royal Honey" is destined for chart success. Mike Hardy's lyrics make you empathize as if you're listening to a story of heartbreak being told by a close friend.

"Caught in your Headlights" is the orphan track on the album. A boisterous, upbeat, saxophone-rich song that commands you to start moving your head, if not shaking your hips, it almost doesn't fit. But it certainly sticks in your head. It's catchy percussion will get you tapping your fingers on the steering wheel in traffic.

So yes, Royal Honey is ecletic. And yes, it's not an album that you will love from beginning to end on the first listen. But each listen reveals more complex insights that you will learn to appreciate with time, just like a fine South African wine. It's a keeper.

- Leezl Kaschula

Intriguing is one word you could use to describe the sound that Bed On Bricks unveil with Royal Honey. It's a little quieter, but it's mellow, and still very true to their eclectic Afro-pop roots.

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