Beirut - The Flying Club Cup

2007-12-20 10:30
American singer songwriter Zach Condon (aka Beirut) might be a 21-year-old college drop out but he’s savvy enough to realise this. So for his second album he steps out of the "Gogol" bordello of Balkan brass that he plundered on the critically acclaimed Gulag Orkestar and draws on Parisian chanson to channel his new set of lush, occasionally louche lovelorn laments.

Essential listening for anyone looking to get over yet another ruined holiday romance, The Flying Club Cup offers a sometimes indulgent, always enchanting musical holiday in someone else’s misery, best served with plenty of Pernod and strong black coffee.
Here Jacques Brel gets resurrected as an Emo-kid on sweeping bittersweet sepia-toned, café croons ("Nantes") and cloistered crimes of passion ("Cherbourg" and "In The Mausoleum"), while breezy squeezebox struts (“Cliquot") and feisty brass, accordion and ukulele flirts ("A Sunday Smile"), channel the ghost of Rufus Wainwright through a retro Francophile fromage of broken dreams and faded glamour.

- Miles Keylock

Maybe it’s all that je ne sais quoi but there are some things the French just do better: sex, potato chips, romance - to start with.

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Graeme 2007/12/20 11:49 AM
Awful! I'd read a few rave reviews of this album.....after listening to it these are my thoughts: Great to have interesting acoustic instruments, pity they are played so badly. The arrangements are really boring - all those instruments playing the same thing - none of their true colours are allowed to shine through. For real arrangements and modern harmonies using loads of interesting instruments and drawing from various folk/rock/jazz styles check out Django Bates - he's a real musician not a 21 year old "Emo-kid" who should have stuck to playing music in his bedroom!
dave 2007/12/21 8:57 AM
overrated thanks graeme. i was hoping my girlfriend would buy me this for christmas. now i'm not so sure i want it.
hellyeah 2008/03/09 8:17 PM
What? "emo-kid" ??! im trying not to sound like an elitist indie snob here, but u dont know what the hell ur talking about. beirut is soooooooo far removed from that scene. if they were "emo" in anyway, they would be popular with the (very musically confused) youth of South Africa. which they arent. "emo" is NOT, as many South Africans think, a broad term for any music that has any emotional depth, nor it is a term that should be given to music that you dont understand. so please get ur facts straight before you align amazing bands like beirut with awful bands like fall out boy and panic at the disco.
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