Ben’s Brother - Beta Male Fairytales

2008-05-22 09:00
But eventually, these solid melodies burrow their way under your skin and into that part of your brain that insists on playing the same tune in your head, over and over again.

Ben’s Brother is an English five-piece who have found mainstream success in the US after their song “Stuttering (Kiss Me Again)” – and probably the most energetic track on the album – was used in a popular chewing gum commercial there.

While lead singer and songwriter Jamie Hartman has an interesting rasp to his voice, it has a rather tinny quality to it, and is worryingly reminiscent of Rod Stewart – during his recent swing standards phase.

In this ColdKeaneBluntFray-friendly climate we currently find ourselves wedged in, Ben’s Brother is bound to do pretty well in South Africa. Single “Let Me Out” is already a regular feature on radio playlists, and there’s more where that came from.

The tweenies can swoon together over the romantic sentiments, while their mothers will probably come to the conclusion that they’re listening to the hottest new thing. As fleetingly enjoyable as Beta Male Fairytales is, Ben’s Brother offers something a bit too middle-of-the-road to really set them apart from countless other pop/rock journeymen clogging up the charts.

- Shaheema Barodien

Beta Male Fairytales is such pretty, tuneful and inoffensive pop/rock that your initial impulse is to dislike it – strongly – and tune into something a bit more challenging.

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