Beth Rowley - Little Dreamer

2008-12-05 12:42
Little Dreamer is her début album and what a lovely first album it is. Dancing lightly onto the music scene, it is fresh and original in a 'lazy Sunday afternoon listen' kind of way. It will also surprise you though. The infectious peak-a-boo beat of a song like "So Sublime" is guaranteed to get your feet a tapping.

Beth manages to merge a variety of musical genres to create a versatile sound and persona. The marriage of gospel and country on "When The Rains Came" and the soulful jazz feel of "You Never Called Me Tonight" work really well. She neatly sews all these musical influences together throughout.
As expected from a singer-songwriter her lyrical imagery is rich and poetic. She tells her stories in a pure folk tradition, focusing on the little things which bring her joy. Even almost serious 'hymns' like "I Shall Be Released" and "When The Rains Came" maintain a light tone. Beth isn't a knock-over though, she's got guts. Covering Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" on your first album is brave.

Her greatest asset is her voice. Slow and intoxicating, it rolls you right in. She drops the last letters of words to let you fall straight into the music, as if it were a huge luxurious featherdown pillow.

Beth Rowley has a spellbinding sound that's somehow unique in a scene where people often stick to a formula (usually someone else's). She may be the new kid on the block, but with her talent she'll be making great musical strides.

- Jessica Hewson

Obvious comparisons to Norah Jones and Katie Melua are here, but Beth Rowley flies above these pigeonholes by drawing on rich country, blues, folk, gospel and jazz traditions.

LEE 2008/10/28 12:39 PM
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