Beyonce - I Am…Sasha Fierce

2008-12-12 15:43
Perhaps this Sasha Fierce is just riding our beloved Beyonce's fame, and I bet that bi-atch is also riding B's husband - you gotta' watch your back girl! Sasha girl must be taking posing tips from Tyra Banks, dem fierce eyes don't come natural. Girlfriend be scaring the bejeezies outta the kids.

Okay, having an alter-ego is one thing, but recording half your album as your other half is just a tad peculiar. Beyonce takes a big risk with this one, but boy, oh boy does it work. Beyonce is smart, she's a business woman, and there's no way in hell she's going to let little sister Solange (who also has an album on the shelves) beat her up the charts. So you like Beyonce's big ballads? You got it. Or do you prefer her upbeat pop side? You got it.
Disc one is all Beyonce and all voice. Eight ballads, including first single "If I Were a Boy" and "Halo" and "Broken-Hearted Girl", prove she has a set of lungs on her. These are the sing-a-long tracks that wannabe divas are going to be listening too: they're big and loud and have lots of emotional shouting.

Disc two is where it gets interesting. Starting off with "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)", Sasha is all pop. These are the radio-and-club friendly beats with a shorter shelf life, kinda like The Pussycat Dolls. Some of the eight tracks are so far removed from the Beyonce we've come to love. "Diva" and "Radio" sound like the second grade pop stuff you'd expect from one hit wonders.

Now who will have the most number ones on the music charts, Beyonce or Sasha? Whether you prefer Sasha or whether you are more of an old school Beyonce fan, this is one for your collection - even if it's just for novelty value.

Sasha Fierce and Beyonce have disjoined and released a double disc album under the ear-catching billing "I am… Sasha Fierce". The two part portrait features eight tracks from the alluring Beyonce and eight from the…well, uh, fierce, Sasha.

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Margo 2008/11/21 09:31
None This girl is way too load for my liking. She screams!
Rox 2008/11/21 11:26
Spell check? Whatever happened to 'proof-reading' before making something live... Just a thought..
Margo 2008/11/21 11:45
Jay 2008/11/21 11:59
Boring As said before this girl is loud and doesnt really rely on talent because she doesnt liek the like of Jennifer Hudson. She sells through beauty period
Matt 2008/11/21 12:40
Different Opinion I know music is all about catering to different tastes, but from the fans I have spoken to, they've mentioned that the new take she has on this release doesn't work at all...rather, the Sasha Fierce part fails miserably to live up to her other works and the hype.
Jenny 2008/11/21 13:25
Beyonce ...I am Sasha I have to agree with Margo - Beyonce or Sasha screams!! Have you reviewed Jennifer Hudson's new CD? It's rocks - that girl can sing.
Dietrich 2008/11/24 13:06
which side? Her back side as she leaves the room
Bart 2008/11/24 14:02
which side? Any side, as long as it is her back side when she leaves the room!
chuma kwakweni 2008/11/24 15:14
ms i prefer the bad girl that she could be, but also just a nice side wont hurt .
sisMakipkip 2008/11/24 15:23
Boring Benyonce is jusj another gal next door.She can be two in one to me that wont make any difference.Her music doesnt feed my soul.She is no Amy Winehouse,Adele,Estelle,India Arie,Lauren Hill...eish let me stop here
Shane 2008/11/24 16:19
So I was right all along I've always said that Beyonce is nothing but a woman impersonating a drag queen. I am Sasha fierce??? I rest my case. Back to the music. This disk brings nothing new. Same old tired sounding track after tired sounding track on one disk and even more shouting on the other. When I heard If I Was A Boy (more like if i was a tranny) for the first time I thought "what a bad Rihanna son this is". This disk barely scraped the UK top 10 in its first week with Leona's re-issue of Spirit making it to the top.
sbonelo ngubane 2008/11/25 11:49
mr I want to know about her love life,how boyfriends she had past five years?
Nomthi 2008/11/25 14:07
I like it Ppl stop hating. B is a talented young lady. live with it.
Thah 2008/11/25 16:31
Liking 2008/11/25 17:30
Liking I know she isn't a songstress, but I like her energy, her whole vibe. She is a true girl next door,that is why she is appealing. The Rihanna's of this world don't ahve staying power, and dispite her pop, B is still around - how many years now since 'Bills bills bills'?
Bra G 2008/11/26 19:06
The Beatles and Beyonce-Genuis in our time! Every great artist constantly seeks new ways and methods of expression. This is her "white album" as in The Beatles not in color. Beyonce is a creative force and energy who will constantly be seeking new ways and means to show herself to an adoring fan base who will demand that she stays ahead of the curve and she will , no doubt about it. Peace, Bra G :)
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