Big Red: Going Nowhere Slowly OST - Various - Big Red: Going Nowhere Slowly OST - Various

2006-03-29 19:00

This soundtrack to the popular SABC3 travel show starring comedians Kurt Schoonraad and Stuart Taylor is a treat for SA rock fans.

Though not groundbreaking, the relaxing acoustic guitar based songs on this CD are a well produced cut above the kind of soft-focus sausage factory fodder of "drive" radio stations like KFM, or Radio Five. (Hey, why opt for the same old hits and memories when you can rather hit the road, and make your own hits and memories, instead?)

Going Nowhere Slowly is tightly packed with great catchy singles by top South African rock bands and soloists, songs matching each other so smoothly that sometimes they don't stand out from one another much. You'll probably be struck by a few moments - the Dolly Rockers' distinctive touch on "Sleepy Town" (if there's a SAMA for Persistence, these guys would win it), the eerie, subdued percussion of Wayne Pauli's "Just Another Day", the guitar plucking of the Jesse Jordan Band before the pointless 'I need a car' chorus, the sweet retro mood of frolicking Sunshines' "Wanna make love".

There's plenty of chick stuff on CD Two, which kicks off with Liesl Graham's silky and deep "All Roads". Also check out Burton Lane's expansive "Rusted sun" and the Folksy Tamarin Seed's "Sweet thing". It closes with the lonely "Breakdown" by disneyflip... a song tailormade for driving into the sunset.

As you read the band names, you might find yourself thinking "Who?" now and then. I know I did - because many of these acts have previously reached only small club audiences in their towns. That's changing though - if you've seen the show you'll know that when a song is played, the title and artist info is displayed. The same info about each outfit is also printed in the generous CD booklet. This is a great way of publicising small, new, and undiscovered South African bands who really deserve a shot at the big time. And even if many of them never write enough good songs to release their own CD, this 32-track double is worth having just for what it is.

- Jean Barker

South African Rock tends to be a dead end for most bands. Why? The market is small, fans all have CD burners, and they're not too against crime to use them. So the record companies don't spend much on marketing, and the market gets smaller, and the bands don't make money, and ... you get the picture? But there's hope, and there's quality stuff out there, as this new compilation from SABC3 proves.

Lynne 2004/06/25 10:48 AM
This music This kind of White Boy SA rock is really nice live but I find it makes me a bit irritable and bored if I actually listen to it. with exceptions obviously. It's not all that interesting as music. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Andy 2004/06/28 10:46 AM
Going Nowhere Slowly Great mix of SA Music, highly recomended!!! True Romance - Quentin Tarantino
Mike 2004/06/28 11:02 AM
Hot Hot Hot Excellent C.D. Well done and lets have more S.A music
Carolina Blom 2004/06/28 11:36 AM
Good on you Aidan! An excellent program that gives SA artists a chance for a change!
Tony 2004/06/28 1:10 PM
Really good! A really nice double CD set, it's a good mix of fresh new talent as well as some great ones thrown in between -- definitely worth getting!
Heidi 2004/06/28 1:20 PM
Brilliant! An excellent mixture of groovy tunes, easy listening and good sa music!
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