Black Dillinger - Live and Learn

2009-05-28 15:44
He opens his set with a sweet a cappella praising Africa, which he names the land of our forefathers in “Beautiful Africa”. He says he’s been in the world, has seen so many people and so many faces, but Africa is still the most beautiful. Then he dedicates a tune to the teachings of His Majesty Haile King Selassie, Emperor of Ethopia, in “Blessed Be” before he urges us to lead a good life in “Do Good” accompanied by pleasingly mellow percussion and drums. Also worth checking out is the controversial “John Pope Dead” where he is ‘I and I-ry’ enough to question the authenticity of Christianity.

Chill. Yes, Dillinger is outspoken. But if you’re looking for something you can dance to, then upbeat and groovy songs such as “Cyaan Run Away” and “Better Days” are in the mix for you. And lastly, if you want a song that just captures how you feel about your girl, then tune into “My Girl” and confess your undying love.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Most fans say he sounds like the Jamaican reggae legend Sizzla. It’s still very hard to believe a guy who grew up listening to kwaito and house could be so good at such a completely different genre - let alone that he sounds like one of the most respected reggae artists around. If you are reggae fan, but you can’t find any good Mzansi reggae music, Live and Learn is exactly what you need. Black Dillinger spreads the message of Rastafarianism, sings about poverty, his Jah Lady and more.

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