BlackMale - Boyz Nite Out

2008-10-14 14:04
But it's only a trifle, a slight malady that good music could cure. Except nothing of the sort comes up. Predictable kwaito beats and lyrics that boggle the mind just keep coming. Things take a turn for the worse early on, on the third track, Scoota. It’s an ode of sorts to some unlucky and strangely lactating girl. There’s a lyric which roughly translated goes something like this: "We got to my house/I grabbed her cleavage/Out came some milk/I made cheese." Poetry, no?

The rest of the album is similarly inane and boring. It's supposed to be a party album but I don’t see why anyone would want to ruin any good party with this. BlackMale probably listened to a lot of HHP and they probably wanted to produce something similar but this fails miserably. You've been warned.

Lebo M

I think it’s rude for strangers to ask me to put my "sevens" in the air and shout their name as a way of introduction. It's overly familiar. That's the first sin BlackMale commits on their debut album, Boyz Nite Out as they try to introduce themselves on the opening song.

richard 2008/10/17 1:16 PM
Boyz Nite Out Are these guys related to the leader of the ANC youth league ? they sprout them same s...
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