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2007-11-20 17:03
They have attempted (sadly quite successfully) to rehash and repackage the 90s grunge-rock look, long greasy-haired lead singer included. Aside from their completely tired styling, the album seems to just drone on with each song gradually looming towards a somewhat unnecessary grandiose guitar solo complete with screechy vocals.

The only noteworthy track is "Watch Over You" which proves the band’s possible potential to create something authentic due to it's intricate guitar arrangements and rich three-part vocal harmonies.In a nutshell Blackbird is nauseatingly American and offers nothing fresh or interesting to the already super-saturated stadium rock genre.

- Erica Chidi
Blackbird is slightly annoying and definitely gnarly. Alter Bridge entwines elements of Bon Jovi, Kiss, White Snake and Nickelback into their sound, completely overstepping the 'inspired' tip and ending up sounding like carbon copies.

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Bill 2007/12/06 10:09 AM
Awesome Album This has got to be one of the best rock albums of the year. This follow up album is heavier and way better than their first great album. Myles Kennedy has an amazing voice, Mark Tremonti's guitar work is awesome and he even manages to produce a sound that resembles Zack Wyldes brilliant abilty. This gets 5 stars from me and offers something fresh and interesting to the genre which is saturated with radio friendly tracks. Blackbird is my standout track which at 8 mins is everything a song should aspire to be!
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