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Blackout - Britney Spears

2007-11-01 16:05
Britney Spears knows this. She knows her musical career peaked when she pulled her pig-tails back on the virginal teen pop tease of “Oops! I Did It Again”. She also knows that if hardcore rehab dolls like Amy Winehouse own all the bad girl headlines then a singing budgie seriously needs to pull up her socks. Well, drop her skirt is more on the money, but hey, been there, done that….

Anyway, what’s Britney’s makeover modus operandi this time round? Formulaic: she hires a crack team of urban production heavyweights including Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, and Bloodshy and Avant to pimp the hell out of her vocal imperfections with allsorts of fabulous studio fx (spastic synths and drum sequences). The result is a prefabricated cocktail of infectious booty bangers, hedonistic Euro-disco throwbacks ("Heaven on Earth") and stadium-sized lap dances ("Ooh Ooh Baby”). Imagine a drunken nymphomaniac singing outtakes from Rhianna's polished-pop makeover Good Girl Gone Bad and JT’s electro-R&B blueprint FutureSex/LoveSounds in the shower and you get the idea.
Not that there’s anything wrong with a troubled young chick wanting to get her career back on track by having some escapist fun. In fact, if ‘fun’ is trumpeting the fact that you’re a horny slut then well…hit me baby one more time!

And she does. First she bares her fangs with a catty “it’s Britney, bitch” on glitz-pop opener “Gimme More”. Next she raises the paranoia by taking pot shots at an imagined tabloid media plot to break her down on club banger "Piece of Me". Then she greases up her anti-paparazzi rant in the sleazy pole dance pantomime of "Freakshow" whose over-sexed-up self-loathing eventually boils over in “Perfect Lover” whose ridiculous nursery rhyme pimp goes something like "tick-tock, tick-tock, can you f**k me while I'm hot?" Yep, the ‘F’ word.

Britney’s finally done what Christina did ages ago. She’s let that whole teen prom queen daydream go and got downright dirty. She says as much on "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" where she wails "Maybe I'm a freak, but I don't really give a damn/I'm as crazy as a motherf**ker!" No doubt. Still, you can’t help wondering whether such potty-mouthed provocations are anything more than a desperate, last gasp attempt to milk the tabloid machine she’s supposedly raging against.

- Miles Keylock

Forget the ‘insane’ head-shaving episode, the panty-less paparazzi photo ops and the rehab rollercoaster. Forget the ‘I’m actually fat, but who cares’ MTV Awards comeback disaster. Forget the World's Worst Celebrity Role Model Parent Award. In fact, forget the whole sordid tabloid pop soap opera. You can’t, can you?

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Cindy de Bruyn 2007/11/01 8:51 AM
I'ts nice to see that she is tring again I'ts nice to see that briney is tring again, but what about her 2 little ones. Why dont you work harder to get them back. I know you can do it, Gos I know that you love them deep inside of you. You go Girl get your kids and be good to them. If i had 1/2 the money that you have, I can give my little girl a mutch better life. So you have the money use it on your children the rite way.
lee-ly 2007/11/01 8:54 AM
insightful from the clips i have listened to sounds like you've hit the nail on the head. very interesting review miles, insightful and sounds like you've separated the persona from the music. thanks for this! i am tempted to take a full listen to the album and maybe even buy because everybody needs a little sexy freaky music in their collection.
Ndipiwe 2007/11/01 8:56 AM
Britney's Great! Chubby, but great. And Myles writes fantastically well 'nuff said.
Ndipiwe 2007/11/01 8:58 AM
Sorry, Miles I'm sure I meant Miles.
monkey 2007/11/01 9:40 AM
you've got to be joking!!! I am actually glad that Britney has no full custody of her children. she deserves to NOT have any children. And that the fact that she said she wishes she never had them, tells me how immature, childish, stupid, and down-right irresponisble she is. Enough of her now please. Thanks.
TheGrem 2007/11/01 10:15 AM
Oh, the 'perfect' people! Who have nothing better to do than slate the famous. Are we all so perfect as to spend our lives criticism others for their mistakes and faults. I know I am far from it. I find it sick that people spend their lifes insulting, berating and slandering other people when they don't even know anything about them. I agree with enough of Britney. LET HER BE!
Fuzzy 2007/11/01 10:16 AM
Employment Brits I think that you should try some other carrer path as this indistry does not do you justice.
Marie-Louise 2007/11/01 10:23 AM
Britney CD Strange how here in SA Britney's new CD gets reviews of "sucking" but in USA the reviews state that this is the best yet of her. Maybe the author needs Prosac or a chill pill.
crusOu 2007/11/01 10:56 AM
not yet a woman? whose milking who really, whose fooling who? the whole game with pop stars (celebs) and paparazzi is like shady S&M on a ridiculously public scale - whether she sucks or not I'll never know. Tweet got so little love on a banging album (Southern songbird); Pink got all sorts of weird labels - who really knows why. How not a girl not yet a woman chick gets so much attention, over anything touched by Pink, and the other (un)stupid girls is beyond me!!!
Joanne 2007/11/01 11:09 AM
Hi Brit I still love you girl. The press makes everything look worse than it is, and if it's anyone's fault of what happened to you it's their fault. Rock on Girl!!!
Gerhard 2007/11/01 11:18 AM
Britney Spears Britney is simply doing what many others are doing. Using sex to make money. That is all it is about. Music? Dont make me laugh....
Goda 2007/11/01 11:26 AM
Wow firstly, why don't all you idiots who're critting the album without listening to is go and listen to the clips before you spout off. Secondly, i NEVER thought I'd say this... I think I might go guy this album. Secondhand, naturally, but still!
Samantha 2007/11/01 11:30 AM
Britney Spears I'm not a big Britney fan, but hell, give the woman a break. There is absolutely no objectivity in this article. The album is getting rave reveiws elsewhere, so it cant b that bad. Give us a chance to make up our own minds, without all this negativity. The music has got nothing to do with her personal life.
Goda 2007/11/01 11:37 AM
Samantha, read the review! I suspect you didn't do too well in english comprehension at school if you DON"T realise that this is a complete rave review. (And yes, your ass does look fat in that dress!)
Janine 2007/11/01 12:05 PM
Brillaint its about time she pulls up her socks
Fakes 2007/11/01 12:12 PM
Britney Spears Britney you suck big time, some role model you are to your kids.
Kaizer 2007/11/01 12:30 PM
Whats wrong ?? Whats wrongwith making a mistake everyone does that. I am that all of these MOTHERF###RS that talks shit about Someone they also have done bad staff but no one speaks about it on public
Antionette 2007/11/01 12:38 PM
Not Bad Even if you hate her - at least admit that she does have a brilliant voice - give her space she has been through a tough time - I am sure that she will bounce back Go Brit!! I am pulling for you
karl 2007/11/01 12:41 PM
you won't find a better produced album than this Firstly, to set the record straight, Britney turne down Timbaland's offer to help on this album and is NOT involved in any producing or writing on this album. Floyd Hills, commonly known as Danja, a protege of Timbaland has helped out. So has vocalist Keri Hilson, who has since achieved some success as a featured vocalist on the Timbaland hit "The Way I Are". As someone who is not a Britney fan, this album has been brilliantly produced. Listen to the album with earphones so you can hear everything !! You will not find a better produced album around. And good on Britney - one good decision she's made has been to work with Danja and the brilliant Swedish Bloodshy & Avant.
Anon 2007/11/01 12:57 PM
Go Girl I think everyone who has anything to say about Britney should say it about her album - this is the only thing we can actually comment on. As for her personal life - we can only comment on what we hear through the media and how true can that be - I mean J-Lo is finally having a baby after how many baby bumps.
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