Bloodhound Gang - Show Us Your Hits

2011-05-30 17:15
Some bands' best albums are their greatest hits albums. Bloodhound Gang is one of those bands.

They've never really made an entire album that was worth its weight in gold – the sophomoric humour does tend to get old fast - but they are responsible for some of the most memorably funny songs to grace any sort of chart in recent times.

Add to that occasionally better-than-competent production, and a singles band of note is what Bloodhound Gang is.

Most recognisable are songs like "Fire Water Burn", the hilariously self-incriminating "Dear Chasey Lain" (does a song age like the porn-star it's dedicated to?), and of course the riotously offensive "The Lapdance is So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying".

The subject matter is unwaveringly juvenile, and it's hardly sophisticated, but you have to give the Bloods something for somehow making this work - they're like a modern-day 2Live Crew, but with the (very) occasional lyrical twist that's too funny for even "serious" reviewers to not laugh at. 

At least with titles like this on the album, you know you shouldn't be playing this when dropping the kids at school. But it'll go down a hoot late at the party. Very late, when the cigarettes are up.     

Some bands' best albums are their greatest hits albums. Bloodhound gang are one of those bands.

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