Bon Jovi - Lost Highway

2007-07-08 14:37
Nailing the Nashville Highwaymen cool of Kristofferson, Jennings and Cash means power ballads are passé. Belting out a boot load of good ol’ boy ballads about cruising for chicks (“You Want To Make A Memory”) in fast cars ("I Love This Town”) is moronic when you’re actually driving a SUV. Sure, swapping spit with washed up country-pop hooker LeAnn Rimes ("Stranger") has mileage. But why the hell let country-bling crazy frogs Big and Rich ("We Got It Going On") hitch a ride?

- Miles Keylock
After 25 years of stadium-sized poodle perm riffs Jon Bon finally hits rock bottom: “I’m not cool.” A country rock makeover seems like a good marketing move. It isn't.

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