Bongi Dube - Ngifuna Wena

2007-10-19 17:07
Bland cover aside, Bongi’s debut is surprisingly quite a breeze. It’s about time Mzansi house sisters came to the fore. Most young Mzansi female vocalists are swimming in a sea of R&B, pop, gospel, jazz and Afro-pop. Mzansi house is usually exploited exclusively by radio and club dj’s. Sure, they’ll feature a female vocalist and sample overseas house grooves or remix home grown hits into house versions. But besides the First Lady, Tamara Dey, who dabbled in house when she first launched her career, few Mzansi sisters represent in this much adored genre. So props to Bongi for taking the road less travelled.

Ngifuna Wena is jam-packed with vibey hip-shake inducing house jams. This is for abomajivane. Although there are several slow to mid-tempo grooves, you’ll still be tempted to shake that ass or at the very least bump your head to the beats. This young lass’s voice seduces you into feeling the house vibe! Especially if you find house music quite monotonous and don’t understand what the fuss is about. It’s also refreshing that she sings in English, Zulu, a bit of Tswana and some Shangaan! Sister girl knows her story. Hopefully this is just the first chapter.

-Gugu Mkhabela
“Uma ufuna ku jiva woza e Durban”! (If you want to dance come to Durban). The talent tide is high in the Zulu Kingdom lately and Ms Bongi Dube is the latest find on its shores.

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Eddie 2007/10/22 11:53 AM
Lucky Dube Sham, she's also Lucky Dube's daughter. But I'm definetely looking forward to the album, and not because her father just passed away.
ntibi 2008/02/01 9:36 AM
miss I love all the songs ,u do the good job Girl!
zama 2008/02/01 2:54 PM
Ntombazana!!!!!!!! You are doing justice to music...well done...keep your head up high...I'm definately looking forward to the next album
sipelele 2008/02/27 6:42 PM
i love ur cd i got to say that i look up to u. im only 15 but i rly love ur songz. if only i could sing as good as u. i love your album. hope your next album will be as good as this one.
nolwazi 2008/03/29 8:20 PM
awesome!!!! totaly rockaz gal, i totaly dig ur album it gets u in de mood!! when is de next 1 comin out????!
Rhandu 2008/06/24 10:48 AM
Ah ah ah......ya rocka! This is what nusic should sound like....nice1 girl
Joey 2008/07/21 1:34 PM
Ntombazana........................... You rock sisis
friend 2008/09/17 3:40 PM
ms sis u rock sana, i love ur music keep it up the good work. when my haert is broken down i choose to listen ur music god bless u.
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