Booka Shade - DJ Kicks - Mixed By Booka Shade

2007-11-15 12:45
Booka Shade are a retro-ish German outfit, and do they sound it? Oh ja. Luckily – and more so than some other DJs featured in this series - they don’t pick the most obvious tracks.

So it’s Heaven 17s “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls”, not something you’ll find on Heaven 17s greatest hits packages. They balance the poppier stuff like this and The Streets’ “It’s Too Late” (one of the good tracks on his disappointing second album) with non-vocal electronics like “Virtual Nature”, by Amir Ad Fontes.

Problem with balance is it makes for a see-saw between “laaikit!” and “turn that off please”, depending on your taste. That’s if you’re listening closely. Otherwise, this set works perfectly as a mellow-blue mix of the familiar and unfamiliar glued together by Booka Shade’s trancy vibes.

- Jean Barker

So you know, the DJ kicks series works like this: A DJ group – usually not a big famous one – gets to pick and mix a selection of their favourite songs. An original song or two by the DJ outfit also goes on the CD. And… release! But it’s not moronic like Bump, ok? It’s cool.

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