Bow Wow and Omarion - Face Off

2008-07-01 16:56
21-year-old Bow Wow and 24-year-old Omarion (remember You Got Served?) collaborate for Bow Wow's sixth studio album, Face Off. It was really only a matter of time before R&B's baby boys hooked up for a little somethin' somthin'. Omarion brings the R&B flavour and Bow Wow tries his very best to be a hardened hip hopper - but turns what could have been a very good album into something very average.

The only notable moments are the energetic title track and "Hey Baby (Jump Off)". The rest of the album sounds like two young boys trying way too hard to play with the men. Bow Bow was cute when he was a lil' 13-year-old and imitating Snoop Dogg, but now it's just annoying. It's time he finds his own identity and lets go of Snoop's cornrows.

- Ashlin Simpson

A clean, structured, safe and predictable R&B/rap cocktail, Face Off is also devoid of any real creativity. Every track feels like you've heard it before.

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