Bowling For Soup - Great Burrito Extortion Case

2007-12-18 08:54
On their sixth album the BFP boys continue to plunder the same old shamelessly bright power-pop punk territory they tuned into back in 1994. Only problem is the Bowlers aren’t really geeky teens any more.

So what you get is a bunch of Burrito-swollen, ageing frat boys chugging out lame-o-lyrics like, "Check out the popular kids / You'll never guess what Jessica did / How did Mary Kate lose all that weight / And Katie had a baby so I guess Tom's straight." Ouch!

Add plenty of goofy, poppy punk stuff that's fun without ever being memorable, far too many John Cougar Mellencamp jokes and Caddyshack references to stupidly offensive song titles like "I'm Gay" and "High School Never Ends" and what you’re left with is an album that you’d only buy if you were looking for a lame bachelor party present gag to give to your brother in law.

- Miles Keylock

This Texas crew take their name from comedian Steve Martin's 1978 comedy "Bowling for Shit" routine. That pretty much sums it up.

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