Bowling for Soup -

A hangover you don't deserve

2006-03-29 22:32

A Hangover You Don't Deserve? More like "a hangover you're not old enough to have", legally!

You can tell a lot about a band by their fans, people like beffie103, who have stuff like this to say about their heroes on MSN Music's message boards: "hey sup peopl ? i want to tell you the bouling for suop almost is awesome i love listeningto them because there so aweome!!!!! if i had all of their cds i would listen to then all day!!!but this is an opinpion byez."

You can't place ALL the blame for this kind of fan on the American education system, or on TV. Popular musicians must also take responsibility for some of our cultural worries. Some responsibility rests with musicians like Bowling for Soup, who are loud, and sound a bit like the real thing, but are really just an empty-headed, saccharine substitute for rebellion.

Despite juvenile attempts to seem hardcore and different, like being photographed in the bath with blow up dolls, Bowling for Soup are mostly the usual suburban-kid -turned-pop-punk trip. Tuneful singing and a sense of humour about themselves save them from being utterly annoying. Most of the songs are drinking stories set to music, and silly enough for any laagered-up pubescent to shout along to. "All we need is love and beer" they say, and there's something charming about it. The CD cover thanks you for "...buying (or stealing) this album!"

Their packaging is one of their strong points. And inside? The CD features the hit single "1985". This oddly tender mockery of a woman who remains stuck culturally in the 80s, and whose high school kids mock her, isn't bad at all. But why on earth did SA radio stations playlist "1985" and send it to the top of the charts, bizarrely choosing to do this for a foreign copycat act rather than picking similar copycat material by one of our many home grown suburban punksters?

If you liked "1985" and desire 16 more tracks of the same, and a short bonus video of the band working on the album, go buy it. Like candy cigarettes, it'll do you no real harm, but it's really a bit of a drag. You might want to spend your pocket money on something else instead.

Check out the track selection to hear them for yourself.

- Jean Barker


"...the perfect soundtrack to jump around to at a party while secretly crushing on that cutie across the room. In fact, the band's music has graced the soundtracks of lots of teen flicks, such as Freaky Friday, Crossroads, and Scooby-Doo 2, just to name a few."

"In his review for 2002's Drunk Enough to Dance, a wise man wondered whether Bowling for Soup might one day match the mature noise pop genius of Too Much Joy. The only disappointing thing about this Hangover is that we're still wondering. "
- Johnny Loftus for

The four-piece outfit from Texas, whose hit off 2002's Drunk Enough to Dance earned them a Grammy Nomination, write about the stuff most nice but naughty teens get, like beer, leaving home, and old people who don't understand why Limp Bizkit is really hot.

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