Boyzone - Back Again... No Matter What

2008-12-05 10:47
The only rationale behind re-releasing all these karaoke treffers could be the in memoriam note in the sleeve – "To Michael Connolly". It's not clear who he is, but probably one of Ronan's in-laws as his wife’s name is Yvonne Connolly. Okay, that's sweet. But I digress.

Three fairly good new tracks leave me wondering if they're just too lazy to record an entire new album, or if they’re too old to go on tour with it. "Love You Anyway" has real sing-along-ability, and "Can’t Stop Thinking About You" is great remix material. Plus, they’ve aged a lot better than other boy bands. They’ll still catch a few g-strings on stage. It’s a shame they didn’t record a new album. I'm sure it would have been better than other revivals like Take That or New Kinds On The Block.

Expect all the hits. From the "Chick a chick ha ha ha" on "No Matter What" to the knee-buckling sentiments from "I Love The Way You Love Me". So if you’re looking for a window into the 90s, this is it. Cringe, cry, laugh and reminisce. Just don’t leave this CD lying around – your hip friends will roast you for it!

- Sam Brighton

They sing "You Needed Me" – um, no we didn’t! All the fond yet embarrassing teenage memories of a Boyzone poster on your dorm room wall, shuffle dancing and kissing in school hall corners are now ruined. This music is so not cool anymore. It was back at the end of the 90s and nobody would have ever taken that away from Ronan and the boys. But in 2008, this album feels like one big cringe binge.

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