Brandon October - Temptation - Temptation is too little, too lame

2006-03-29 18:33

He may have merely been a runner-up at last year's Idols, but on his debut album Temptation Brandon October proves that he's got far more X-factor potential than merely that much talked about wiggle. So it's a pity then that the song selection is an uninspired melange of formulaic boy pop flavoured R&B ballads ("Temptation"), bedroom lights down low slow jams ("Hold On to Love") and colour by numbers Latino-inflected pop fluff ("Only").

You can almost hear the PR people brainstorming their chart strategy with an Enrique Iglesias pop meets Justin Timberlake retro-soul two-pronged attack. But actually, despite the occasional vocal echo, Brandon consistently manages to transcend the karaoke inevitability of having come through the Idols school of singing. When he struts into the funky club cuts "Someday" and "Attitude" or caresses an old school soul croon out of the sensual and sexy shimmer of "Sleepwalking Away" he even almost finds a voice of his own.

Make no mistake, Brandon's definitely got the vocal chops to carve open an R&B meets pop niche for himself as his finger snapping smooth soul reading of Al Green's classic "Let's Stay Together" shows. The only problem is that his 10-track album clocks in at a mere 40 minutes - something that's unlikely to entice an audience that tends to value quantity as much as quality these days.

Many said Brandon had more real star quality than the Idols winner. So this insipid and brief first release doesn't bode well.

Kevin 2004/01/07 3:52 PM
Disappointed He's got the voice, but sadly he seems to have chosen all the wrong songs for his debut album. I was expecting a bit of "Neo-soul" , something with substance -I was disappointed. The sad truth is that Brandon is competing with artists like Musiq, The Tony Rich Project, Maxwell, and Justin Timberlake - and he falls well short of the mark. In terms ofvocal ability , he's up there, but the material lets him down. Lyrically and melodically the songs are utterly forgettable and not even Brandon's slick and heart-felt vocals can bring them to life. The production, while slick, is unadventurous and insipid.Some more urban beats/sounds would have been welcome and the producers could have used more instrumentation to give the set a warmer feel. Thankfully, the album does contain Brandon's take on "Let's stay together" , the Al Green classic. Brandon displays maturity and great vocal ablity in his interpretation of the song. This leads me to believe that given the right material, Brandon Musiq - Soulstar, TK - Black Butterfly, Outkast - Speakerboxx/The love below
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