Breathe Sunshine - Various - Local is electronic

2006-03-29 18:29

With visits by big name international DJs grabbing headlines in South Africa, it's easy to forget we produce our own cutting edge electronic beats - "music for living" that matches our urban African world.

Evocative classics like Kalahari Surfers' "Kicked By the Ball" and Felix Laband's "Run Alive Run" rub shoulders with less famous innovations like Ben Amato's too short but delicious "Kumnandi", KB's "O A Lla", or Beiufus' "Chemical Fire". CD2 contains multimedia stuff, and videos that will play on a computer with a video card.

While lyrics aren't crucial to this kind of music, some serious social issues do find their way into the mix, just as they colour those 4am conversations after a great party.

Overall the messages are positive. Pity about the rather dated preachy lyrics on tracks like "No More War" 'We don't need no more wars | we don't need no more fights | come on black and white | we must all unite' Cringe... though these tracks do fit smoothly into the overall mix, so it's only if you're one of those rare people who listen to lyrics that it matters.

Of course, the trouble with any compilation, no matter how smooth, is you'll always wish all the tracks were by the artists you particularly like.

Overall, it's a fresh, quality collection - a soundtrack for a speedy seaside cruise, for Jo'burg freeways at five AM, or perhaps for feeling homesick in a dank London bedsit, waiting for the sun.

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Accoustics, soothing vocals and aquatic sounds unify a eclectic chillout collection called Breathe Sunshine. The compilation of Jo'burg and Cape Town electronic artists is released by London-based Amabala Records.

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