Brett Jackson - The Best Of OM Records

2009-11-30 13:28
Brett Jackson - The Best Of OM Records

Few South African DJs have remained loyal to the craft that is deep house music. One of those, is Brett Jackson. With six well-received deep house albums under his belt, his latest package, The Best Of OM Records, is no different to its predecessors. It's a laid back, soulful deep house session fit for a Sunday afternoon over braaivleis with friends.

Brett has over the years shrugged off the pressure that is forever leading deep house DJs to commercial sounds, which at times, are believed to be better received by party fanatics and club faithful even though they tend to fade after being rigorously over-played.

With this latest offering, Brett hints at the notion that deep house sounds can still, after many years of their original releases, get your arms up in the air.
It is a 14-track Best Of compilation which features old hits such as "I Can’t Wait", a soulful 'sing-along' track. "Hurry hurry don't be late!, don't make this love wait!", is what party goers will imminently be singing along to, once again. It's a blissful track which is made all the better by the trumpet resonances that intermittently hover in it. And who can forget the club classic "It's You It's Me"? That's one the song that shot American house music whizz Kaskade, to fame. But I do hope that it’s the last time it's remixed and featured in yet another album. It has just about had its run. Can we move on now?

Nevertheless, the album starts off on a very mellow tip with "Just Before Dawn", a distant-vocal track with what sounds like children chanting in the background. "For Those Who Like To Get Down", is a classical track where Marques Watt delivers a speech on 'how to get down', and his wise words are met by thunderous cheers from the crowd. It's a uniquely arranged song that makes one imagine a politician delivering a speech about music to thousands of overwhelmed attendees.

Brett also incorporates a jazzy feel to this offering with "Trust Me", which is a combination of smooth female vocals with piercing trumpets.

However, I put my money on "Here I Am", which is a tag-team of French cum Canadian house legend, Fred Everything and Canadian-born house vocalist Lisa Shaw. With such an impeccable combination, the song is understandably of top quality. Sultry vocals from Lisa adjoined to the trademark deep, thrashing bass from Fred, prepare you for the end of a spectacular ride through Brett's land of deep house.

Brett has always been under the radar, but one wonders when, with such dexterity and skill in deep house, he will finally be celebrated like some of his peers. I won’t mention any names.

The Best Of OM Records features old classics you’ve probably heard before and therefore doesn't really offer anything new, which might offend some of Brett's fans. But I believe a discerning house music listener might be of the view that this collection justly reaffirms him as one of the unwavering flag bearers of SA's deep house fraternity.
With this album, Brett doesn't pull off any miracles, but simply affirms himself as one of the few unwavering flag bearers of SA’s deep house fraternity.

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