Brickz - Es’tokfeleni

2008-03-20 08:32
It seems like just yesterday when he wowed us with a completely new and groovier kwaito sound with his overplayed “Sweety My Baby”, but now he’s back with slamming beats in “Shovel’ekhishini” which is sure to be another one of those killer tracks your neighbour will be waking you up with every Saturday morning in ekasi.

He hooks up with the legendary Mama Miriam Makeba in kwela-flavoured wedding song “Siyan’duduza”. Other moments to look out for include “Es’tokfeleni” which is going to be played at every stokvel function in the loxion, and the beautiful melodies in a love ballad joint about girls who cheat called “Huwe Baby”. What is disappointing about the album though, is the inclusion of his previous hit “Sweety My Baby” which sounds the same as the original. And to this day I still don’t understand why that repetitive tune “Left Right” is getting so much airplay. What the hell is left right anyway and what’s he trying to say?

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Simple and catchy – this kwaito whiz kid knows what works for him. He’s mastered the formula and will be making waves for years to come if he keeps dishing out more of his lively tunes. Es’tokfeleni is all about party times, carwashes, spending cash, getting married (too bad his cheating ass got dumped), and more.

Lads 2008/05/30 12:44 PM
Bricks Mabricado hev u seen that the track u hate the most is the one that took the awards, or maybe u think thez a sort of a cheat?
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