Britney: For the Record DVD

2009-08-24 14:13
For the Record

There isn't much we don't know about Britney. Whether she's endangering her children or our eyes with her fashion mishaps, the paparazzi will always hit her one more time for one more photo. Of course she reckons that's not really her. She says there's a lot more to her than people know, and she wants to set the record straight. Then why is she so desperate to jump in her Mercedes and ride away?

This documentary was filmed in the 60 days after she won three MTV awards in 2008. The first thing that strikes you is that she looks so good, yet still so 'recovered'. Are those close up shots of her bitten fingernails meant to make you feel sorry for her? I reckon she just needs a new manicurist.

At the same time it is quite sad to see Britney like this. One minute she's telling us that this pop life is all she knows, and the next she apparently never wanted to be imprisoned by her celebrity lifestyle. Is Louisiana really so backward? Parading a 16-year-old Mickey Mouse club starlet around in a slutty school uniform is going to screw her up, no matter who she is! Based on what she says on the record it's obvious that she's really angry no one protected her against this.

Speaking of which, Britney's relationship with her dad is fascinating. She loves him and hates him, mocks him and then eats his grits. She's so angry about her conservatorship – her father has legal control over her every move and dollar - but she'll never say "Daddy I'm pissed at you for locking me up!" All she drones on about is this 'prisoner' lifestyle. Poor girl has spent her whole life watching her every word and move, she doesn't even know how to say what she feels anymore.

Unlike her 'mentor/surrogate mom' Madonna who makes a cameo here discussing Britney's cameo in her show. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours? That's the way. Madonna compares Britney to a younger version of herself and puts on this motherly demeanour, but it's such a farcical installment in this 'real' story. If an egocentric supertar who's milked the tabloids for three decades is the only role model she can look up to, no wonder she's such a mess.

And while we do see a side of Britney that's quite vulnerable, it's not that new or that up close. We're just looking through the peeper in her front door. Every now and then there's a hint that this girl can be quite funny and cute. Only Britney can shop for clothes and diss Katie Holmes while still keeping it all innocent and sweet. But something about her numbed reaction to a life she says she doesn't want tells us that the damage has been done. She hates it, but she just "copes with it".

A sign of maturity, maybe? There's no going back to being just a simple Southern gal for this former trainwreck. She's got her sons to look after – changing careers isn't exactly an option. What other job can she have besides being our entertainer? She hates the term 'comeback', but perhaps that's the only way she'll survive. Hopefully her albums will get better, and so will she. My heart breaks for her.

Watch the documentary trailer:

P.S. Besides 'never before seen footage' not aired during the original TV broadcast, fans also get to 'enjoy' six high quality MP3 bonus remixes. Take a listen below.

Daddy's poor little rich girl dishes the dirt, but still puts her best foot forward on this tell-almost-all knock-umentary.

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whitetrash 2009/08/25 7:23 AM
I hate these EGOMANIACS and wish they would all overdose in spectacular fashion. I was relieved when that junky with the white glove went and would love it if these corny chicks would disappear aswell. Bye-bye now.
Goda 2009/08/25 1:00 PM
Britney. Hope it's not as boring as In Bed with Madge.
goldengal 2009/08/25 3:22 PM
Ag! man. Give Britney a chance. I hope that she will be the best role model to her sons, after all she needs tomgrow upo, coz she nis an :old lady" now.
preshen govender 2009/08/25 3:26 PM
If someone throws panties at a Britney Spear concert will she wear it ?
LJ Graey 2009/08/25 5:02 PM
It's always been my opinion that Britney should start singing hard rock and leave all this pop-princess crap for Dr. Phil (MaCavity) and old Justin Timberflake. It's much more therapeutic, and might make her feel real for once. That Pop crap is like Soapies. It only ends up rotting your brain...
whitetrashbasher 2009/08/25 6:07 PM
@ whitetrash - hate is a strong word - why blog on this site is you cannot stand it - you are such a peepee joller
William 2009/08/25 7:23 PM
SICK BITCH!!! noooo...NOT the subject, the author.Now i shall read the article and watch the video.P.S. bitch applies irregardles of your sex.and then it appears we have the judgemental posters....luverly, just luverly.
tash 2009/08/26 3:51 PM
I am still a Britney fan...without her where would we get our entertainment ?
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