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2006-03-29 20:05

BRITNEY'S ALBUMS SO FAR: A gallery of a Pop Teen growing into a Pop Queen

Spears has grown up, and she wants everyone to notice. "I'm not that innocent...", she belts out, and declares her independence with "don't need permission, make my own decisions" in her cover of Bobby Brown's 80's hit "My Prerogative" - one of three new songs on the Album.

And Britney really has grown up. Back in the late nineties, she was what every ambitious good girl wanted to be; she had the world at her feet. Today she is a household name. She is seen by many as the Madonna of her time, an entertainer, provocative and controversial. She has turned from a sweet voiced nymph into a moaning and groaning entertainer.

The album is all about this famous young girl finding her place in the world as a young woman. She experiments with different sounds, just as she has with life choices. She's using her music as her mouthpiece to explain what she's done... or is about to do next.

Love her or hate her, Britney is bigger then ever. But does her older work stand the test of time? Perhaps if you're a fan. But for the rest of us? Well, we've grown up too. Songs like "Crazy" and "Oops, I did it again" have reached their expiry dates.

- Ashlin Simpson

'My Prerogative' - is an aural history of the past five years. It leaves you knowing nothing about the woman herself, but plenty about the absurd and joyous strut and fret of contemporary sound confectionery. The boring ballads are still rotten, mind ('Sometimes', 'Lucky'); but the best ones - 'Baby', 'Oops', 'Toxic', 'Slave', 'Born' - are as precision-tooled as a weapon.
- Kitty Empire for The Observer

The idea of Britney releasing a greatest-hits disc after only five years in the cultural consciousness seems premature. The Rolling Stones should put out a best-of collection. Barry Manilow should. But Britney?

It's been 5 years since Britney Spears released her very first bubblegum hit "hit me baby one more time" at the age of 16. At just 23, her double album greatest hits arrives. But how great is it, really?

Leigh-Ann 2004/11/18 9:01 AM
Excellent work Britney - keep the music coming Love the greatest hits cd britneys greatest hits, or ronan keatings greatest hits
Greg 2004/11/18 5:25 PM
Brilliant once again Brilliant once again, She could be unstoppable!
cvb 2004/11/19 8:00 AM
m y n
Samantha 2004/11/21 11:31 AM
radical work i love all your cd's i've got evryone one of them britney spears in the zone
mentina & menti 2004/11/21 11:34 AM
it's really mentallllllllll we love mental work mritney ooops i did it again
mulcum,bob,menti,goergie porgie 2004/11/21 11:38 AM
kmhyjhbtfuiki 4704213214320.24573 242 Idet mecomend Back street boys let isha
neyomer 2004/11/21 11:41 AM
oooooooow my ass is itchy my finger is up my ass
nunu 2004/11/21 11:44 AM
you are the best i am your biggest fan ever britney spears in the zone
type your text here 2004/11/21 11:46 AM
text here text here britney spears in the zone
Adrian 2004/11/21 4:11 PM
Possums Paradise I especially like the song My Perogative and don't ask me why because I don't know why. I guess it just has a good beat. This has nothing to do with Britany Spears but R.E.M Around the Sun is very good
lauren correia 2004/11/21 6:01 PM
my prerogative her face
andre 2004/11/21 7:15 PM
britney's greatest hits it's the best of her, how can it be bad. it's all the great songs, which we all know... and sing along. i think it's the best. 2004/11/30 12:33 PM
bleh the "best" of her? didnt know she came any where to being GOOD. my perogative is just a cover version. she has NO talent music for dummies
kristijan 2004/12/07 12:16 PM
britney keep on ruling the world when i was younger i used to listen to my brother and sister's music...depeche mode, queen,madonna...but when i started high school i switched mtv on dstv on and there she was the queen that would change the world forever...BRITNEY...people can say what they want but this chick works her butt off and she definitely deserves all the awards. MY PREROGATIVE is one of the albums on my top ten of all time...Britney just keep on going strong because there will always be people who will want some cool pop music after all that rapping, screaming that is the music industry today LOVE U BRIT FOREVER LOYAL FAN
Michelle 2004/12/13 9:03 PM
My Perogative It's just brilliant!!!!! Britney keep it up!!!!! Britney. My perogative is gr8
Michelle 2004/12/13 9:06 PM
Brilliant!!! U go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just brilliant!!!!! Britney keep it up!!!!! Britney. My perogative is gr8
mike hunt 2004/12/27 1:20 PM
green days american idiot its totally wicked especially number 4 which is boulevard of broken dreams. i LOVE that song!!! american idiot
Ria 2005/01/11 11:41 AM
Britney Her best album aslee simpson
Michael 2005/02/17 9:06 AM
Britney For me it is very good,i like it. Britney
Andriette 2005/02/23 4:41 PM
Evanescence - Anywhere but home This is one of the better live rock performances I have heard. The bonus track Missing is superb and the live performance of My Immortal is excellent. The Chronicles of LIfe and Death - Good Charlotte
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