Bruce Springsteen - Live In Dublin

2007-08-31 16:46
When I say enjoying, I mean having a sincere guitar thumping foot stomping good time. Originally dubbed the ‘Bruce Springsteen with The Seeger Sessions Band Tour’, after folk musician Pete Seeger, the tour itself had a shaky start on American soil. Some venues were half empty and generally speaking attendance was poor. That changed when the gang hit Europe. Tickets to the Dublin show sold out in mere minutes. And for good reason.

The show was a gargantuan production, an explosion of blues, country, bluegrass, and folk, all drenched in Springsteen’s gravel-voiced rock flavor. Bruce called upon the formidable skills of about 20 brilliant musicians, playing everything from banjo’s to washboards, effortlessly floating from energetic and joyous down to a sad feeling I refer to as ‘missing someone you’ve never met before’. This 2 hour rollercoaster has so many mood changes in it you’ll feel like emotional abuse victim by the time the credits roll.
There might be a few too many showboating moments however, with every artist getting more than one chance to show off a bit. Do the math, that’s about 50 solos! But in a day and age when most popular ‘artists’ think a metronome is a sensitive well-groomed garden boy maybe this is a good thing. Funnily enough, the weakest link on stage was the Boss himself. His voice seems a little ragged, and his timing a little shaky at times. Just his style? Maybe. In any event it fails to put a damper on the quality of the product as a whole. It’s just so damn moving, you’ll be spontaneously busting out the ‘air-banjo’ in public!

- Loedi van Renen

Seeing an old man gyrating and enjoying himself is most definitely disturbing. Unless he happens to be the new and improved ‘Boss’ of Rock and Roll.

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