Bryan Adams - 11

2008-04-01 10:33
His latest medium is both rooted in an older time and relevant to the modern world, something that can be cool because it’s new, and classy because it appears old.

Adams’ latest album, 11, is meant to be enjoyed in the same way. And if he had conjured the same luurve as his early power-ballads like “All for Love”, or the rock & roll euphoria of “Summer of 69”, we would have a lot of smiling faces.

Instead, we are treated to a drawn out cheesefest that begs the question why Adams hasn’t listened to anyone besides himself in the last decade. If he thought rhyming ‘raging fire’ and ‘burning desire’ to an overfamiliar melody in “I Thought I’d Seen Everything” was enough to convince discerning listeners to plough through the rest of his album, he is mistaken.
The Adams formula is successful for a reason, however, and in “Oxygen” we have an almost-hit that approaches the man’s musical legacy with some dignity. But what we really want is for someone to teach his gruff voice some new tricks and, God willing, more exciting lyrics.

Yes, the idea of a black & white photo can be quite beautiful. But sometimes people take pictures of their feet, which most often are not.

- Niel Bekker

For those who didn’t know, Bryan Adams is quite the black & white photographer these days. Look it up.

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