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Bryan Rice - Confessional

2006-09-19 15:24
Interview: get to know Bryan better

Listening to Bryan Rice, survivors of the 1980s Stock, Aiken & Waterman horrors could be forgiven for thinking that they were time travelling, at least when it came to songwriting tactics.

But luckily for Bryan, production values have grown up a bit. The piano line plinks and plonks just as it did for Jason Donovan or for Kylie, but it's not too synthetic-sounding, and the singer's high voice and his songwriters' simplistic but catchy melodic lines are bolstered by vocal layering and an awareness of Coldplay.

South African pop fans (or "target audiences", as the radio stations call them) have responded, and guesswork by the stations has pushed the soppy single "Homeless Heart" to the top 10 of their charts. The little grunts, occasional echo effects in choruses and other cheesy toppings make it perfect for the position.

Bryan is open about his appeal - he's a romantic type. He tells the girls what they want to hear. In this Seventeen mag interview, when asked where he'd take a girl on a romantic first date, he answered "I would take her to South Africa." Whatever, dude. I bet you say that in Pittsburg, USA, too.

But his material has other aspects to it, also heart-related. Seems he bleeds for the state of the world, and the peace in his own backyard is "bittersweet". Well, good for him. And though his album is mainly nothing more than pleasant listening and predictable pop, it's a cut above Jess McCartney's silly drivel.

And there's further hope of true art in the shape of "We Can". This touching song about a troubled relationship indicates whoever's behind his image may have an intelligent, courageous approach to human relations that should help Bryan rise above mere mediocrity.

- Jean Barker
Bryan is a young Danish would-be superstar who's being launched mainly on the SA market - online research reveals almost zero impact overseas. And though he's cheesy as hell, he and his writers are talented too.

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Clive Matthews 2006/09/18 10:40 AM
Bryan Rice What a pity all the clips are the same track! How can one assess the CD if one hears only part of ONE song!!!!!
jean 2006/09/19 3:10 PM
Thanks - and it's fixed Clive Hi Clive. Small file reference error of mine there, which is now sorted. The correct tracks play when you click. Thanks for letting us know!
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