Busi Mhlongo - Indiza

2010-06-21 08:21

Busi Mhlongo's subtly inflected vocals and catchy songs have been remixed as dancy tracks by producers Brice Wassy, Flipper Dalton and a wide variety of others from the Melt stable, and they stand up to it well. The electronic contrast to her rich voice highlights its warmth.

What might not work so well, though, is that the original - world music, less dancefloor-friendly - version of each song is also often included. While this is interesting for music lovers and probably for the producers themselves, in combination with the broad range of remix styles, this eclecticism makes it an uneven listening - especially if you're after a party soundtrack.

Just as you're chilling, you're surprised by the rousing of "Way of Baba". Just as you're getting down, the dance beat is followed by a more easygoing Afro-pop track. The remix style varies from 'tribal' to 'steam' to drum 'n bass, to house, to soul to 'club'. All in all, a bit too broad a range, perhaps?

If you're after Mhlongo's classic stuff, UrbanZulu is a much better album. But I'd like to see a lot more club DJs include tracks off this CD in their chilled dance collection. It has a warmth and intimacy to it that's a relief after much club fare, which by contrast is often alienatingly electronic - though grandiose, inspiring and slick.

Indiza (Voyages) introduces not only the unique and new rhythms of drum master and producer Brice Wassy but also a collaboration with Oumu Sangare from Mali with whom Busi shared the stage many times during their extensive touring schedules in Europe. (from the sleeve notes)

sipho 2004/08/23 10:24 AM
indiza I.M very much interested in afro pop music especialy african jazz indiza
EDIAS 2005/01/03 1:57 PM
Kate Bailey 2007/01/07 4:19 PM
Way out Baba I just love love looove Flipper Dalton's 'Way of Baba' on this cd
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