Café Cubano - Putumayo Presents

2008-08-21 08:00
As world music compilations go, Café Cubano really isn't bad. It's exactly what you'd expect - a collection of tracks with an outdoorsy, drinks at a the pavement café feel. The sad and sensual sounds, shot through with a well-lubriated nostalgia may occasionally make you want to glide sensually and swiftly across parquet dance-floor in chunky high heels with a guy who resembles a younger Castro. Or a Cuban doctor, maybe.

But for the most part, this collection is mellow, smooth and guaranteed to give you what you expect of it: a solid dose of Buena Vista-era classics, tossed together with a couple of accessible pan-American "nueva trova"-styled numbers such as Rene Ferrer's love song, "Como a Cada Manana".

Café Cubano is now available in all good health stores, in the rack right next to the meditation music.

- Jean Barker

If you don't speak the language, Cuban music sounds kind of minty. Blame all those nights on the balconies of art deco buildings tossing rum drinks into your gut. And if most of the Portuguese words you know involve food, a lot of this compilation will sounds like a really talented waiter's singing you the menu.

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