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Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

2007-07-30 11:49
On I Created Disco he makes glam disco-pop posers like the Scissors Sisters look like Barry Ronge on Victoria Beckham’s starvation diet with a spine-cracking cocktail of retro-rave beats (“Acceptable In The 80s”), growling glitterball synths (“Merrymaking In My Place”), dirty booty electro hooks (“Vegas”) and condom-bursting basslines (“Colours”).

Someone should make a film about this guy. In it a sex-crazed, neon-clad white boy would kill James Brown, steal his best tunes and change the history of music. It’d be a cross between American Psycho, Saturday Night Fever, a Cokey Falko stand-up routine and a Paris Hilton home sex video. It'd be totally massive.

-Miles Keylock
Forget effete and pointless flourishes like depth, honesty, originality and emotion. When it comes to post-James Brown dance music only one thing matters: sex! Calvin Harris knows this.

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mm 2008/03/09 8:38 PM
HELL YEAH calvin harris is AWESOME>>>>>>>>>>> great album
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