Carolina Liar - Coming to Terms

2009-01-30 08:40
However, sitting on the fence isn't all that bad if you’re sitting pretty. Singing about broken relationships ("I'm Not Over"), travel ("California Bound") and being lost ("Show Me What I’m Looking For") resonates with almost anyone, and isn't that the trick behind a good song? To make people feel like you’re saying what they can't or don't, but want to say.

It's not all that deep, though. "Last Night" is a stinging ode to one night stands and obvious girls. "Did you come up to me so your night would be cheaper? / ...Did you really think you’d found somebody, or did the vodka make you leave with me? / Ain’t it funny how you wake up runnin’ / When it felt so right... last night."
Rock has worn many costumes. Glam, indie, pop and rap rock have all had their time in the limelight. Now there's dance rock. Maybe it’s just another fad, but it works here on some of the tracks like "Last Night" and "I'm Not Over". Synthetic-sounding backdrops and detailed post-production together with clean, yet soulful vocals allow this album to flit effortlessly between a Saturday night spliffy soiree and a Sunday afternoon beach-side drive.

It's poppy, it's dancy and it's catchy. Carolina Liar aren't trying to be something or the 'next big thing'. And I'm cool with that.

- Sam Brighton

This is a great album for a debut. Spot-on production from Sweden's 'it' producer, Max Martin, catchy tunes and an alternative rock sound that will bleed over into the pop and rock crowds, upsetting no one and pleasing (almost) everyone.

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