Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts

2006-08-18 17:24
It would be easy to dismiss Carrie Underwood's debut album on first impressions and write the American Idols 2005 winner off as really bad, really blonde and really Country. Everything about the packaging screams "dreadful Leigh-Ann Rhymes carbon copy". It looks a bit like one of those CDs you're too embarrassed to put on display for fear of public ridicule.

And after listening to lyrics such as "Kiss me like you mean it" and "'Cause she can't shoot whiskey" pulling on a plaid shirt, kicking on cowboy boots and hanging yourself from a beam in a farm shed somewhere in Checotah, Oklahoma may seem like a good option.

But on second listen Some Hearts is actually quite good - humblest apologies to Ms Underwood. For all those who think country and western is easy to sing, it's not. What is easy is singing out of tune over the rollercoaster melodies that swing from key to key.

Some Hearts is a typical Country Western album about love, loss, happiness, the odd shot of whiskey and the signature element that sells records: lyrics ordinary people can relate to. Strings, steel guitars and a vocal chorus almost predictably back Underwood's smooth vocals. The coarse flair of traditional Country is given jazzy undertones, embodied in the sassy "Before He Cheats". It's refreshing knowing that even the sweetest blondes have mean streaks. Forget spray painting your cheating boyfriends roadster, this is how Country gets even:

"I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little suped up four wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
Took a Louisville slugger to both headlights
Slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats"

The American Idol pop influence can be heard on the album's title track "Some Hearts", while Underwood adds a bit of gospel on "Jesus Take The Wheel" – the first single off the album.

Some Hearts is the fastest selling debut country album in Nielsen Sound Scan history, certified triple platinum. A decent first attempt by Carrie Underwood.

- Megan Kakora


"...better than any album Faith Hill’s made this decade, speaking of mass-appeal country.
- Thomas Inskeep for Stylus Magazine

Underwood really is a talented young singer with a powerful voice. First single "Jesus Take the Wheel" is one of the best songs on the disc. - Jim Moulton for CountryStarsOnline

Don't dismiss Carrie Underwood as just another Idols winner with a cute face and blonde highlights. This great singer is more than just a pretty voice.

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Petro 2006/09/03 6:44 PM
Very appropriate! Absolutely overwhelming country at it's best. LOVE it!!!
Burgess 2007/04/09 9:53 AM
Absolutely fantastic, amazing, spectacular,superb & refreshing Carrie, is my favourite American idol star, i one of her biggest fans. Keep it up Carrie, this album is worth going for even if it's priced at $ 1,00,000. Carrie gives music a completely different meaning,with a voice that could put a nightingale to shame. You are the best of the best. No music is complete without Carrie. God bless you. Any person look liking this album is either stupid or has no hear for music at all.
patricia edwards 2007/07/13 8:46 PM
on the side of angels I have put leighann rhymes iin 3 times and i keep getting your site? I needs the words to this for a friend in need of encouragement. Could you please help me.
neo 2007/09/10 7:31 PM
GoooooooooooooooooooooooD this girl is doing it 4 herself......the cd is abslty nice in the 07 year way......just listern just listern and you wil hear something 4good....
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