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Cece Winans - Thy Kingdom Come

2008-04-30 08:39
As great as Cece is, she has fallen into some kind of pattern. Her latest release is not very different from her last album Purified. It’s like she has found what works – or what sells – and is sticking to it, not wanting to build on her great talent or try something new.
Spiritual songs like “We welcome you (Holy Father)” are sure to make you forget about all your worries and get into the true spirit of worship, while upbeat numbers like “Worthy” and “Forever” are perfect for dancing and singing along to. Cece also fights the good fight, “going into battle and taking territory” in “Waging War”, a rousing song that makes you want to join her in her mission.

Cece Winans has stuck to the formula but she has also maintained her standards. If you’re not looking for anything different from Ms Winans, you are sure to enjoy this album.

- Oriana Tshabalala

Cece Winans is one of the greats of gospel. She has a beautiful voice and a profound understanding of spritual music. Her music is not only about mixing hip beats together to create funky songs, but also about deeper meaning and message.

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millicent 2008/05/08 8:18 AM
ms. i love ms. winans album. it keeps me motivated during the hard times and the storms of life.
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