Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come Collector’s Edition

2008-05-28 06:28
A New Day features the big little hit "I’m Alive" which received much more acclaim than it deserved due to biggest little mouse on screen, Stuart Little. The title track was blown up to be a massive hit back in the day, but six years later it sounds like she was still high on the epidural when she decided to record this bland bore.

Take out winners like "Have Ever Been in Love", "Goodbye’s the Saddest Word" and fabulously glam pop hit "Right in Front of You" and you’re left with obscure tracks that don’t reflect Celine’s prowess or show off her voice to the glass shattering heights of previous hits like "Power of Love" and "River Deep, Mountain High".

So the album stinks of 2002. Maybe the bonus DVD tagged onto this "new music collector's edition" will remind us why Celine has survived an awful blonde crop and many bad song choices to still come out on top as one of the biggest selling female recording artists.
Celine’s voice is so malleable; it’s one of a kind. However, in the music world you need music videos and live performances to rake in the big bucks. Everyone has a flaw, and this is Celine’s proverbial Achilles heel. This diva cannot dance. In the video for "I’m Alive" she jigs along to the rhythm of the clock gear she’s standing on, and you know she doesn’t know what to do next as she starts clicking her fingers. Surely she can afford a choreographer?

The videos didn’t really impress us, so what about the interview? Now this is where things get interesting. Celine explains that she took a break after having her baby and two years later started making this album. She admits that she chose easy songs because she had been out of practice. Hmm, no wonder the album is a bit of a snore. Celine is corny to the max, she has terrible style, but she doesn’t mind. She’s having fun and you can’t really hold that against her. With so much pulling power in the music industry, Celine can record rap and do her dorky dance moves without failing her fans.

Expect DVD prerequisites like the gushing fans, the photo slideshows, and behind-the-scenes shots from the videos. In case you had forgotten, Celine had a baby before this album. And in case you didn’t know what he looked like, the CD jacket is plastered with photos of little Rene-Charles.

- Sam Brighton

Celine has never shied away from who she really is. Yes that’s a sweeping statement, but Celine has had to face a lot of criticism. Music fans are basically divided into two camps" those who love her and those who loathe her.

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