Celine Dion - A New Day: Live in Las Vegas - The latest from the golden pop diva

2006-03-29 19:04

This live album features no lip synching or backing vocal tracks, as did some in the past. So you get to see Celine without the gloss that the studio gives her - which doesn't mean she doesn't give her usual stunning vocal performance, complete with every aural spectacle, rousing arrangements, and all the glitz of the Las Vegas show-time tradition.

If you're a true Celine fan you'll find the hints of roughness charming. You'll also enjoy the chance to hear her chat humbly to the audience between songs. As one fan said "...brings back the emotion of listening to her performing live..."

The album features Celine covering a few famous numbers by other artists, notably strong performances of Barbra Streisand's "If I Could" - dedicated to all the children and parents of the world - and Stevie Wonder's "I Wish". What some Celine supporters might find disappointing is that Celine's own material is rather thin on the ground. But two new studio songs, and the bonus disc with biographical footage, will probably make this a more than worthwhile buy.

- Lycia Cox

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Mrs. Dion is a Quaker, an actual distant relative of William Penn, and her pedigree has more branches than a bankers' hat tree. She's young, she's angry, has read a lot of Nietzsche, and can sing like sunlight on a nightingale. Recorded in the western lobby of the United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, mid-ring during a boxing match pitting Doyle Flannery against Jon Pan. Dion shadow boxes the world off our shoulders with her surly baritone eyes that ring like mamma's silver chipping her old blue China on a thanksgiving Thursday in November.
- Melmoth Titus, a visitor to Amazon.com

New CD featuring 13 live tracks and 2 new studio tracks! Pretty much a dream come true for Celine Dion fans.

cherne 2004/07/06 12:24 PM
shity not good at all bad
Jose Fonseca 2004/07/06 8:42 PM
Celine Dion - Live in Las Vegas This is not her best. If you ask me if I buy the CD, my aswer is NO. Celine needs to bring out another CD produced by David Foster. David is the only producer that gets the best of Celine. No not at all.
$^$%^V 2004/07/29 4:21 PM
@#R# @#@D D@D@
chant 2004/07/29 4:45 PM
sucks really not good anything
nopost 2004/07/29 4:47 PM
no post no post no post
chantel 2004/07/29 4:51 PM
paul van dyk brilliant pauls last cd
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