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Celine Dion - Live in Las Vegas (DVD)

2008-03-07 13:30
Although Celine could out-sing a jet engine, the poor sound mixing reduces her normally dynamic soar to a flat karaoke singer’s croon. The cheap, over-polished backing synth really manages to suck any form of spontaneity from the mix. This would be excusable were it not for her clear lack of enthusiasm. Yes, Celine seems bored. Anyone who’s seen her live knows what she is capable of.

The massive stage is so big that Dion is completely engulfed; bare except for the vast screen which provides the dynamic background visuals. Helping her fill it is a troupe of dancers wearing every colour and fashion in the 80’s palette. Whoever decided to include a mime should be hung, drawn and quartered.
The first half is boring, filled with the warbling saccharine Celine that most cynics think of. At least the mix of classics and newer songs such as The Power of Love and I Drove All Night keeps you vaguely interested. The second half gets a little more vibey, which would be a good thing were it not for the epilepsy-inducing editing which leaves you confused and ready to vomit. Still, her rendition of River Deep, Mountain High was the highlight of her SA concerts and is the highlight here.

The DVD extras are more interesting than the actual performance. Disc One includes a schmaltzy “tribute” to the fans whilst Disc Two includes a fascinating behind the scenes documentary of the conception, development and production of the show.

Nowhere near as good as Madonna’s unmatched Confessions Tour DVD, Celine’s Live at Las Vegas left me cold and disappointed. And I’m a fan.

- Philip Langley

To be able to fill a massive venue in Las Vegas for five long years takes strength of character and more importantly strength of voice. Celine Dion has both in abundance. But a five year Vegas residency is a very long time for any diva and it certainly shows.

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Anderson 2008/03/16 7:45 AM
mr Celine is the best singer thats ever been and do not copmare her with the other singers since she has her own style of singing
jeremy 2008/03/16 9:06 AM
Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas Celine Dion is the greatest singer of all times. I saw her live in 98 on her Let's Talk about Love Tour, and never has a show had such a huge impact. When I left I promised myself that I will do whatever it takes to see her again. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to travel to Vegas (got the DVD AND I THINK IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!) Saw her again in Cape Town. WOW!!!! Just a shame that the people behind the scenes involved with the arrangements for the concert couldn't get it right, but thanks to this true professional DIVA it was worth every single cent. I think (know) Celine is the only performer worthy of this title, purely because of her talent, personality and range. She never dissapoints!!! NEVER
sue rose 2008/03/16 12:28 PM
Celine Dion To dear Phillip Lanley , You really do not have a taste in music as Celine Dion out does that Madona by a long shot.
natasha miljo 2008/03/16 1:10 PM
miss I don't know what you are thinking???Celine Dion's DVD is one of the greatest live performance that's available to the public...she is one of the world best female vocals and most definetly the best ever....have you ever gone to one of her shows???? well do yourself a favour and go and see her.....she is and will be the best....thank Celine...
Sivuyile 2008/03/16 5:37 PM
she is the best Celine is the best singer in the whole continet, nothing is copmared to her when it comes to her singing talent. for examlpe her high tone is the best. No one can compete with her when it comes to singing. All i have to say 'U ROCK GIRL '
daph 2008/03/16 5:46 PM
live at Monte Casin jhb Type your review here she is the best performer of all time, live at Monte Casino, what stage presence, she has her whole life together.great voice and great person. love u
Leon 2008/03/16 7:10 PM
Philip Langley - Do you know what you talk about I saw the show in Vegas and it was excelent, just the fact that it ran for 5 years must say something
Victor 2008/03/16 8:34 PM
Philip Langley is Bored I think only a bored writer can write such an incompetent "review". Maybe you should invest in a proper surround sound system and watch the dvd on that, instead of on the R299 black and white tv you bought at Game in 1992. Or are you just jealous of Celine's sexy legs? C'mon....
Natasha 2008/03/17 2:47 PM
Celine Dion-Live in Las vegas Celine's dvd is great. I dont think that she is bored at all as singing is what she loves to do. I love the dvd. I think that you have made unfair remarks about it.
Amy 2008/06/17 3:16 PM
A cynical man after my own cynical heart I haven't laughed this much in ages! What a refreshingly brilliant honest review!
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