Celine Dion - Taking Chances

2007-11-30 14:43
Las Vegas (or her new production team) must have done a real number on her because she sounds totally revamped and resurrected. Her voice sounds crisper and young, but without all the inconsistency that comes with youth.

The title track "Taking Chances" is an automatic hit: a new twist on the traditional pop ballad anthem, with a misleadingly soft start that gently builds towards a resounding chorus almost as big as "Titanic". "Alone" is a surprisingly decent cover of Heart’s smash hit of the 80s. Just be warned that her version is much more of a vamp. Whether you’re a fan or not you’ll know exactly what that means.

Later, "Surprise Surprise" turns out to be just classic Celine with all the frilly, drippy bits. If you’re a Dion devotee this means guaranteed goose-bumps. As we all know Ms. Dion does not write any of her own material, so hats off to the stellar songwriting militia that churned out at least three new contemporary pop classics here.
The 'deluxe' (are they ever not?) edition also includes a DVD which shows us just where Celine’s been hiding the past four years by giving us a sneak peek of her live Vegas act. Two words: immaculate cheese. The show is beautifully choreographed - minus her Tom Jones moves though – and she actually looks freaking hot and sounds even more amazing. But it’s just too slick. Like ‘bring me a brown paper bag’ sort of slick.

Still, it does give you chills and if her upcoming concert is going to be anything like what’s on view here, then laying down a few hundred rand will be worth it.

-Erica Chidi

Celine Dion’s Taking Chances is muted flamboyance. Musically it’s fresh and frivolous and vocally Celine sounds better than ever.

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wilma smith 2007/11/24 11:03 AM
mrs love celine since forever this new album is tops like the video's aswell. she is one of the world's largest pop divas and she will make history
Jacobus Burmeister 2007/11/30 2:05 PM
Celine Dion - Taking Chances One word: "Excellent"!! Love the new edgy sounding Celine! She WILL win over new fans with this album. Looking forward to the concert in Feb'08!!!
Ingrid Le Roux 2007/11/30 11:28 PM
Alone I love al her songs she must have been send by God to give use a peek of how loving heaven wil be.
raymond 2007/12/03 9:49 AM
Toilet Music Ideal for playing in public toilets or at colonic surgeries. Ideal for people who like bland no brainer rubbish.
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