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2010-07-19 16:54
Charice is the YouTube sensation who stole Oprah's heart. A female Justin Bieber , if you will. Uh, okay, I can see this is going to get confusing.

Back to Oprah. The talk queen waved her magic wallet and made Charice's dream of singing with her idol, Celine, come true. Sweet, huh?

Charice has paid them back with a rather accurate homage to Celine . Her debut album features the same type of soppy power ballads that any Celine fan would sing karaoke to. Charice's dynamic voice is perfectly suited to these tunes. But she's only 18! Shouldn't she be singing about kissing girls and lollipops?

It seems Missy is too big for her 6-inch heeled boots. Besides singing herself into another age bracket, she's recently undergone Botox treatments to narrow out her 'naturally round' face for her appearance on Glee. The recipe for success is not in a test tube, darling.

However, her teenage spirit shines through on "Pyramid" featuring Iyaz. It's a catchy, bold ditty with a Jordin Sparks feel to it. Her voice is piercing and pitch-perfect. Oprah knows how to pick them. But all these YouTube babies suffer from a lack of management and direction.

"I Love You" and "In Love So Deep" attempt to keep her young and fresh, but "Thank You" and "In This Song" drag her down with long notes and painfully melancholic cadences.

Charice really shows off her lungs on the depressing "Note to God". The last note is 10 seconds of pure vocal adrenalin (excuse the Glee reference) rushing through your ears. With so much talent it's a shame she's wasting it on this crappy repertoire.

This is kind of a portfolio album, concentrating more on displaying her skills than offering listening pleasure. She's got mad skills for sure. Now she should just ditch the botox and speak to Katy Perry about a duet.

Pretty little thing with a pretty big voice jumps age brackets with these power ballads.

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