Chemical Brothers Singles 93-03 - Aural Euphoria

2006-03-29 18:34

Sure, the epoch defining big beat bass pummelling excursions of the mid-90s ("Leave Home" and "Block Rockin' Beats") might sound dated compared to the current experimental endeavours of stylists like Matmos or Autechre.

But whether it's breathtaking acid house fuelled electronica ("Song to the Siren") or body beat fuelled club anthem excess ("The Private Psychedelic Reel") the Chemical Brothers have always filtered their exhilarating cross-genre hop of sample-skewered sequences and re-mixes into the pursuit of an euphoric dance inducing groove.

As the blunted hip-hop hypnosis of "Get Yourself High" and the spaced out alternative gospel country collaboration with The Flaming Lips ("The Golden Path") show when it comes to radio, club and stadium ready sonic excellence, the Chemical Brothers continue to push the aural envelope in their own idiosyncratic way.

- Miles Keylock

A definitive overview of the eclectic beat brothers pioneering first decade as leaders of the contemporary dance pack, Singles 93-03 showcases just what earned the Chemical Brothers their reputation in the first place: an unerring ability to carve an off-kilter cut 'n paste collage into an accessible single.

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