Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night

2007-07-26 09:25
We Are The Night is a well-aimed spray of strobing electro-house bullets ("Do It Again"), percolating indie-rock ballads ("Burst Generator") and hardcore bubblegum dance-pop blow-ups ("The Pills Won't Help You Now"). If that's not genre-bending enough, they drop a novelty rap about a talking fish with the Pharcyde's Fatlip ("The Salmon Dance") and secure their street cred by roping in nu-rave hopefuls The Klaxons ("All Rights Reversed") and neo-folkie Willy Mason ("Battle Scars").

- Miles Keylock

Gnarly old rockers like Iggy Pop and Patty Smith clawing their way out of the grave for a come-back is one thing, but everyone knows that there's nothing sadder than an ageing raver. So what are 90s dance stalwarts the Chemical Brothers doing back on the floor in 2007? Easy baby: now way more mature and free from all the nasty fashion constraints of club culture, they're back to show the trendy electro-clash and nu-rave young 'uns how block rocking beats are really done.

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bruce 2007/07/27 5:41 PM
block rocking Nu-rave rules. Klaxons are cool. Good for Chemical Bros. for keep clubbing real.
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