Chilled Classics - Various - Classic classics

2006-03-29 18:36
Canonical contributions from a "who's who" cast of heavyweight composers including Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Debussy, Delibes, Puccini and Handel make for a repeatedly rewarding listen, illustrating just how essential these compositions were to the original big screen experience. Sure, occasionally "chilled" translates as schmaltzy (Grieg's "Morning Mood"), saccharine (Pachelbel's "Canon") or merely somnambulistic (Massenet's "Meditation" from Titanic).

Yet for the most part the minimalist textures of Satie's "Gnossienne" (from Chocolat) and Barber's aching "Adagio for Strings" (from Platoon) nestle snugly alongside contemporary cinematic compositions from Ryuichi Sakamoto ("Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"), Michael Nyman ("The Heart Asks Pleasure First") and James Horner ("Theme from Bravheart"). The only glaring exceptions are the over stylised new age filtered sighs of Lisa Gerard and Hans Zimmer's "Sorrow" (from Gladiator) and the bland ethereal vocal drift of Secret Garden's "Nocturne" and Kyrie's "Priory of the Resurrection".

Given the abundance of classical compositions culled from major Hollywood movies on this sprawling 2CD set, Chilled Classics could easily have been cast as "The Best Classical Soundtrack Album in the world... Ever!"

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